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Industry-Leading Solutions to Reduce Power Consumption and Boost Reliability and Security

Meet your design requirements for low power consumption, reliability and security with our broad portfolio of low- and mid-range density Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs). Use our FPGAs, System-on-Chip (SoC) FPGAs, and radiation-tolerant FPGAs to satisfy the high-bandwidth connectivity and high-data throughput needs across many applications including hybrid and electric vehicles, communications, Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure, industrial controls and automation, spacecraft, commercial aircraft and defense equipment. Robust DSP and memory resources streamline development of hardware acceleration, Artificial Intelligence (AI), image processing and edge computing designs.

Browse our broad catalog for the FPGA with the perfect feature set for your design.


Overcome power, system size, cost and security challenges across all kinds of applications. Our families of FPGAs give you pre-built functions and options for high speed, high security and high volumes.

  • PolarFire® Mid-Range FPGAs
  • IGLOO® and IGLOO 2 FPGAs
  • ProASIC® 3 FPGAs
  • Fusion Mixed-Signal FPGAs


Create highly integrated designs with up to 50% lower power consumption as well as high security and reliability by choosing one of our System-on-Chip (SoC) FPGA families.

  • PolarFire SoC FPGAs
  • SmartFusion® FPGAs
  • SmartFusion 2 SoC FPGAs

Radiation-Tolerant FPGAs

Reduce time-to-launch and minimize cost and schedule risks in your space application by selecting just the right Radiation-Tolerant (RT) FPGA to hit your power, size, cost and reliability targets.

  • RT PolarFire FPGAs
  • RTG4™ FPGAs
  • RT ProASIC 3 FPGAs

Antifuse FPGAs

Integrate multiple system functions or legacy ASIC designs into our Antifuse FPGAs, reducing costs and system size quickly and cost effectively.

  • Axcelerator FPGAs
  • eX FPGAs
  • MX FPGAs
  • SX-A FPGAs

Say Hello to FPGAs

The Hello FPGA kit is a low-cost, compact-sized, entry-level platform for end users with low-to-medium FPGA knowledge. The kit includes powerful demos for image processing, signal processing and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

  • Artificial Intelligence Demo: Uses Parallel Processing to do real-time, hand-written digit recognition
  • Digital Signal Processing Demo: Creates FIR/FFT filters
  • Power Monitor GUI: Shows how fast the instant-on wake-up time is while displaying the power consumption for both operational and Flash*Freeze modes

Resources to Help You Get Started with Your FPGA-Based Design

Powering FPGAs

Find out how you can use our power management solutions to reduce the total footprint size of your FPGA-based design, maximize power density and save valuable PCB space.

Clocking FPGAs

Create flexible and powerful FPGA-based systems using our crystal, MEMS oscillator and multiple-output clock generator FPGA clocking solutions.

Mi-V RISC-V® Ecosystem

  • World's first RISC-V SoC FPGA architecture
  • Lowest-power, programmable RISC-V solutions
  • Design tools, operating systems, firmware
  • Development boards, design support

FPGA and SoC Design Resources

  • Libero® SoC Design Suite
  • Development kits and boards
  • IP cores library and partners

Explore These FPGA Applications

Other Programmable Logic Devices


  • ATF15xx CPLD family for 5V and 3.3 V I/O expansion up to 128 macrocells
  • Low-cost, small form-factor 22V10 and 16V8 PLDs for glue logic
  • Military PLDs dual marked with SMD drawing, compliant to MIL-DSCC Class B flow

AT40Kxx Coprocessor Series FPGAs

  • Up to 40K gates for 5V and 3.3V applications with cache logic
  • Available in die form for military applications

FPGA Configuration Memory

  • Configure SRAM FPGAs from Xilinx and Intel (Altera)
  • 256 KB up to 16 MB
  • Small form-factor packages such as LAP
  • 2-wire serial bus interface for programming
  • Configuration programming software

PLD Design Resources

  • ATF15xxDK3-U CPLD Development Kit
  • ProChip Designer® software suite with Precision® RTL Synthesis tool
  • WinCUPL design system for SPLDs
  • ISP and conversion utilities