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Simplify Connecting Your Product to the Cloud

Our Internet of Things (IoT) development kits are designed to enable you to quickly and easily connect an embedded system to a cloud-based server, such as Amazon Web Services using their AWS IoT. These kits are all-in-one solutions for prototyping and developing your products.

AVR-IoT WA Development Board for Wi-Fi® Connection to AWS IoT Core 

Part Number: EV15R70A

PIC-IoT WA Development Board for Wi-Fi Connection to AWS IoT Core

Part Number: EV54Y39A

AVR-BLE Development Board for Bluetooth® Low Energy Connection

Part Number: DT100111

PIC-BLE Development Board for Bluetooth Low Energy Connection

Part Number: DT100112

AVR-IoT WG Development Board

Part Number: AC164160

PIC-IoT WG Development Board

Part Number: AC164164

CryptoAuth Trust Platform Development Kit for Trust&GO, TrustFLEX and TrustCUSTOM Devices

Part Number: DM320118

Secure AVR BLE IoT Node


PIC18 PoE Development Kit

Part Number: DV161001

FreeRTOS Curiosity PIC32MZ EF Bundle

Part Number: DM320104-BNDL