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Our AT40KAL coprocessor series FPGAs offer from 5K to 50K usable gates and are designed for high-density, compute-intensive Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and other fast logic designs. The AT40KAL family resolves the logic vs. SRAM tradeoff by providing fast, flexible and distributed 10 ns FreeRAM without using valuable logic resources. Structured logic functions, including variable array multipliers, can be implemented directly in core cells without using any busing resources, providing dramatic improvements in speed, utilization, power and system cost. This FPGA technology is also available as an embedded core in our Field Programmable System Level Integrated Circuits (FPSLIC) devices, which combine a 5–50K AT40KAL FPGA with up to 36K of SRAM and a 25 MHz AVR® microcontroller (MCU).

A key feature of the AT40KAL family of FPGAs is their Cache Logic capability, which enables you to reprogram part of the FPGA without losing register data, while the remainder of the FPGA continues to operate without disruption. This is ideal for building adaptive filters, variable coefficient multipliers and other designs where the data path can be changed to increase system performance.

Offering massive register counts (1,024 to 6,400 registers), 5V AT40K FGPAs are designed to speed up processor-based system performance while reducing power consumption, part count and costs, making them ideal for use as re-configurable DSP coprocessors.

The AT40Kxx Coprocessor Series FPGAs can be designed using industry-standard EDA tools such as Mentor’s Precision Synthesis for VHDL and Verilog on a PC platform. We offer Integrated Development System [IDS] software that enables place and route while enabling you to synthesize your designs using industry-standard synthesis tools.

We also offer a family of FPGA Serial Configuration EEPROMs in densities ranging from 256 Kb to 32 Mb. This unique family of products can be programmed using a standard programmer or reprogrammed in-system like our FPGAs.

Device Overview

FPGA Family Key Benefits Device Number Number of Gates
AT40K FPGAs (5V)
  • Speed up processor-based system performance
  • Ideal for use as re-configurable DSP coprocessors
  • Available in die form for high-temperature applications
AT40KAL FPGAs (3.3V)
  • Fast, flexible, distributed 10 ns FreeRAM
  • Cache Logic capability
  • Re-configurable
  • Suitable for compute-intensive DSP applications

Programmable Logic: Field Programmable Gate Array Products

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Product Status 5K Pricing Usable Gates (K) Max I/O Pins Registers RAM (bits) MaxNo Operating FreqNo (MHz) Operating Voltage Range (V) Packages
AT40K05 In Production Call for pricing 5 - 10 128 256 2048 100 4.5 to 5.5 Please call for package information
AT40K05AL In Production Call for pricing 5 - 10 128 496 2048 100 3 to 3.6 Please call for package information
AT40K10 In Production $21.65 10 - 20 192 576 4608 100 4.5 to 5.5 208/PQFP
AT40K10AL In Production $12.65 10 - 20 192 954 4608 100 3 to 3.6 144/LQFP
AT40K20 In Production $29.41 20 - 30 256 1024 8192 100 4.5 to 5.5 144/LQFP
AT40K20AL In Production $17.70 20 - 30 256 1520 8192 100 3 to 3.6 144/LQFP
AT40K40 In Production Call for pricing 40 - 50 384 2304 18432 100 4.5 to 5.5 Please call for package information
AT40K40AL In Production $33.24 40 - 50 384 3048 18432 100 3 to 3.6 208/PQFP, 144/LQFP