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High-Precision, Low-Power Data Converter ICs

Higher-speed processors and the requirements of more complex and specialized systems keep pushing the design boundaries for data conversion in today’s applications. Designers of these applications require a variety of data converters that offer high-speed and low-power performance, precise measurement and conversion and low susceptibility to noise. They also need solutions that save space and reduce costs.

Our broad portfolio of proven, easy-to-use data conversion solutions can help you overcome these challenges and successfully bring your design to market. We offer low-cost, low-power Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs), Digital-to-Analog Converters (DACs), digital potentiometers (digipots), energy measurement devices, power sensors, voltage references and voltage-to-frequency converters. These products are tested alongside a microcontroller to make sure there are no system interaction errors. To simplify your development using these products, we provide data sheets and other documentation, product designs and interactive block diagram tools. Our worldwide technical support team is also available to assist with bringing your ideas to life.

Select from the product categories listed to get started with your design.

Are You Working on an Automotive Application?

The high-accuracy, low-power and low-noise performance of our AEC-Q100-qualified data converters make them excellent choices for automotive designs.

Reference Designs

Title Part Number
Device Supported
MCP3421 Weight Scale MCP3421DM-WS MCP3421, MCP6V07
MCP3421 Battery Fuel Gauge MCP3421DM-BFG MCP3421, MCP3422, MCP1702, PIC18F4550
MCP355X Tiny Application Sensor MCP355XDM-TAS MCP3550, MCP3551, MCP3553
RTD Temp Sensor TMPSNS-RTD1 MCP3301, MCP41010, MCP6S26, PIC18F2550
RTD Reference Design Board TMPSNSRD-RTD2 MCP3551, MCP9804

PT100 RTD Evaluation Board Demonstration

This is a quick demonstration of the PT100 RTD Evaluation Board and its Graphical User Interface.

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