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Flexible High-Precision Digital Potentiometers

Course Correcting Has Never Been So Easy

ATECC608a Secure Authentication for LoRa Technology

Common Criteria JIL High-Rated Secure Element to Protect Your LoRaWAN™ Keys

Your Choice - Any Core, Any Performance, Any Feature Set

Scalable Performance for Changing Requirements

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Out of the Box and Into the Cloud in 30 Seconds

Our new rapid AVR-IoT WG Development Board enables you to prototype securely-connected devices within minutes. The solution combines a powerful AVR® microcontroller (MCU), a CryptoAuthentication™ secure element IC and a fully certified Wi-Fi® network controller on a single board providing a simple and effective way to connect embedded applications.

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Automotive Networking at the Speed You Need

Building innovative automotive applications requires both flexible and reliable networking solutions. Our broad In-Vehicle Networking (IVN) product portfolio provides you with the ability to integrate the exact level of performance that your design requires. Most of our CAN, CAN-FD and LIN products meet or exceed AEC-Q1000 standards and we offer a wide selection of Grade 0 temperature rated devices.

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Closing the Loop on Real-Time Control Systems

Designed to tackle any real-time control task you can invent, the PIC18 Q10 family of microcontrollers (MCUs) allows for deterministic response time and decreased validation time in applications ranging from power sequencing to process control monitoring. On-chip Core Independent Peripherals (CIPs) can be easily configured to automate control loops for a robust, reliable and deterministic system response.

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