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Not a Chip, But a Platform

To address the needs of the smart energy market, we offer a platform that incorporates application-specific solutions as well as standard microcontroller, microprocessor, security, memory, wireless and power-line connectivity devices. This smart energy portfolio offers you best-in-class feature sets and performance for designing equipment for the smart grid.

Smart Metering Platform

The smart meter architecture requires different levels of integration depending on system architecture partitioning, project timelines and the level of flexibility needed to address the requirements of different geographies and utility companies. Our platform provides a unique multi-level architecture built around a multi-core solution as illustrated below. A variety of devices can be used as building blocks for your smart meter design. These include metrology sensing (analog-to-digital conversion); metrology digital signal processing; application, communication and security processing as well as connectivity to area networks in homes neighborhoods.

The Microchip Advantage

Our combination of discrete devices, as well as highly integrated System-on-Chip (SoC) solutions built around the same processing platforms, will reduce your time to market and offer you an unmatched level of flexibility in addressing new requirements for your smart metering designs.

  • Leading-edge connectivity
    • Low-power IEEE® 802.15.4/4g wireless devices
    • Field-proven, high-performance Power Line Communications (PLC) (G3, PRIME)
  • Best-in-class metrology
    • Dynamic range of up to 6000:1
  • Security and encryption
    • Advanced security engines in SoC solutions
    • CryptoAuthentication™ devices that offer robust security to safeguard networked metering applications
  • Integration and flexibility
    • Flexible (software or hardware) metrology
    • Multi-standard wireless and PLC solutions
  • Broad microcontroller/microprocessor portfolio and tool support
    • Large array of 32-bit SAM D, SAM 4 and SAMA5 solutions
    • Best-in-class tools from Microchip, IAR, Keil


Explore These Product Categories


Our family of ICs for smart power meters features the widest dynamic range in the industry as well as extremely high accuracy, helping to improve the performance of smart meters. The chips feature a dynamic range of 6000:1. This allows manufacturers to merge various types of meters currently available, such as 5(20)A, 10(40)A, 15(60)A and 20(80)A, into one standard model [5(100)A or 1(100)A]. Our ICs will simplify the manufacturing process and reduce your overall bill of materials.

Power Line Communications

Our family of system-on-a-chip PLC solutions is designed for narrow-band communications using the wall-voltage electric grid. Backed by our deep expertise in PLC modem technology and extensive collaboration with utilities and metering OEMs, we’ve created solutions with an unprecedented level of integration and performance.

Wireless Communications

Our transceivers deliver the best RF link budget with the industry’s lowest power consumption. What’s more, we offer the most feature-rich IEEE 802.15.4-compliant transceiver family available. Our transceivers support both regional sub-1 GHz frequencies, as well as the global 2.4 GHz frequency bands.

Microcontrollers Radio Communications Energy Measurement Analog Front Ends (AFEs) Power Line Communications (PLC)
SAM 4C AT86RF212B ATM90E26 PL485
SAM 4CM AT86RF233 ATM90E32AS PL360
  AT86RF215 ATM90E36A PL250