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Medical Design Partner Specialists

Do you need to add medical-grade device design expertise to your own design efforts or are you looking to have a total medical solution designed for you? Our certified medical design partner specialists have proven capabilities and are uniquely qualified to support you through all phases of your medical device development.

Design Partners

Design Partner Location(s) Contact Information ISO 9001 ISO 13485 FDA
Bitwise UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany info@bitwisegroup.com
+44 (0)1383 625151

DeviceLab Inc. California, USA engineering@devicelab.com
(714) 442-2446

Diversified Engineering Connecticut, USA Sales@diveng.net
(203) 878-9338

DornerWorks, Ltd. Michigan, USA sales@dornerworks.com
(616) 245-8369

Marcus Engineering Arizona, USA microchip@marcusengineering.com
(520) 369-3051
MediCon Italy info@mediconingegneria.it
+39 051 692 63 98

Occam Technology Group Tampa, Florida USA ray.carr@occamtechgroup.com
(844) 622-2663
TechEn, Inc. Massachusetts, USA waj@techen.com
(508) 478-0042

Medical Video Channel

Design Partners