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For the simplest to the most complex designs, our extensive portfolio of amplifiers and comparators enables you to develop low-risk solutions with minimal risk of a forced redesign. These devices are also backed by our client-driven obsolescence practice of continuing to supply a product for as long as possible and while demand for the product exists. We provide thorough documentation that explains how and why these devices work, and you will find that their performance on the bench matches the specifications in their data sheets. Design risk and complexity are further mitigated with integrated features such as on-chip filters to reduce electromagnetic interference, integrated references and hardware enable pins that are available on select devices.


  • Extend battery run time with operating voltages as low as 1.4V and quiescent currents as low as 450 nA
  • Additional electromagnetic filtering on select devices provide additional protection in electrically harsh environments
  • Small packages such as SOT-23 and leadless DFN are ideal for space constrained designs
  • A wide operating temperature range of −40°C to +125°C provides a robust solution even at extreme temperatures

Operational Amplifiers (Op Amps)

Extensive portfolio ranging from cost-effective general-purpose amplifiers to precision amplifiers that minimize errors resulting from noisy environments


A highly flexible portfolio that includes devices with integrated references, multiple output configurations and windowed comparators

Current Sense Amplifiers

Flexible, high-precision solutions with a zero-drift architecture for robust operation in a variety of environmental conditions and applications

Instrumentation Amplifiers (INAs)

With their ability to accurately extract a small signal in the presence of a large common mode, these INAs are ideal for sensor amplification

Programmable Gain Amplifiers (PGAs)

General-purpose and precision PGAs  with families that support an SPI interface and on-chip multiplexer as well as devices that offer pin-programmable gain options

Current/Voltage/Power Monitor ICs

Get ahead of the thermal curve using devices that integrate both current and temperature sensors


  • Zero-Drift Architecture
  • 2 MHz GBWP
  • Integrated EMI Filters


  • 45V Max Supply
  • Zero-Drift Architecture
  • Low 36 nV/°C Max Drift


  • Fully Differential Amplifier
  • 150 µV Max Input Offset
  • Low Noise, Fast Settling


  • 1 MHz GBWP
  • 25 µV Max Offset
  • Integrated EMI Filters


  • High-Side Current Sense Amplifier
  • AEC-Q100 Grade 0
  • 65V Max Input Common Mode

Are You Working on an Automotive Application?

The low-power and low-noise performance of our AEC-Q100-qualified amplifiers and comparators make them excellent choices for automotive design.

Amplifier and Comparator Videos

In this premeire episode of Amp-titudes, we will provide a brief look at the slew rate specification for operational amplifiers, and how this specification applies to an amplifiers performance. www.microchip.com/linear