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The Ultimate Power Solution for Wired Ethernet Networks

Microchip multi-Power over Ethernet (mPoE) technology allows you to power any wired network device seamlessly and efficiently, making it the ideal solution for Ethernet-based applications. Leveraging a uniquely designed algorithm, this technology enables backward compatibility with pre-standard devices while supporting all IEEE® PoE standards. Microchip mPoE is an excellent solution for traditional network devices such as IP phones, Wireless Access Points (WAPs) and IP surveillance cameras, as well as 5G small cells, LoRa® gateways, LED luminaires, access control terminals and other Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Building flexible, scalable and reliable future-proof networks capable of accommodating business growth is a necessity. As the industry adopts the latest generation of PoE technology for managing data and power over a single Ethernet cable, companies face the challenge of making pre-standard Powered Devices (PDs) work alongside new IEEE 802.3bt-compliant PDs in a single Ethernet infrastructure. Our Power Source Equipment (PSE) chipsets with Microchip mPoE enable both pre-standard and IEEE-compliant devices to work together on the same network. Our PoE injectors/midspans and PoE switches implement this unique technology to allow quick and simple deployment of Microchip mPoE in any network without changing existing switches or cabling. Microchip mPoE solves interoperability issues between different PoE standards and legacy solutions to provide an international network power standard.

Microchip mPoE supports PoE 1, PoE 2, PoE+, IEEE 802.3af/at/bt, legacy af/at, 12.5K, UPoE, Class 4 60W and PoH standards concurrently. This versatile technology enables flexible and quick network design upgrades to address any business requirement. You get the scalability and interoperability necessary to power IoT networks not only today but well into the future.


What Types of Applications Can Benefit from Microchip mPoE Technology?


  • Provides an ideal power solution for enterprise, SMB and industrial Ethernet switches, gateways, routers and PD-PSE daisy chain applications
  • Ensures full compatibility by concurrently powering IEEE 802.3bt-compliant and legacy devices


  • Delivers reliable connectivity to improve performance and enable control and management of network components
  • Our IEEE 802.3bt-compliant PoE ICs, midspans and switches meet the demanding requirements of high-power and high-energy-efficiency IoT applications


  • Excellent solution for interactive digital ceilings that connect lighting with other smart building applications including presence detection, sensors, security and HVAC systems
  • Meets high-power requirements and ensures full compatibility with legacy IEEE 802.3bt-compliant systems


  • Provides connectivity for smart cities, smart-farming and a variety of personal and enterprise-level applications that make up our connected world
  • Supports Wi-Fi®, 5G, microwave and LoRa® networks while ensuring full compatibility by powering IEEE 802.3bt-compliant and legacy devices concurrently