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Microchip’s network processor offering is closely integrated with key technology partners. We have developed collaborative expertise with leading providers of network architecture, control plane design, network software, or ODM/OEM solutions.


Civica, based in the UK, is Microchip's longest standing software and control plane solutions partner for WinPath® based systems. The company has been successfully delivering WinPath based solutions to our customers since the first WinPath device was created. The organization has been with us on the WinPath journey through WinPath2, WinPath3 and has been the first to adopt WinPath4 as the latest-generation platform underpinning the Civica WanStaX software portfolio. Civica's WanStaX portfolio comes pre-integrated with WinPath and uniquely makes full use of WinPath hardware accelerated features.

With WanStaX, Civica can provide highly cost effective working access network solutions based on WinPath with a very short development, integration and test cycle. WanStaX allows our customers to create access network systems supporting Carrier Ethernet, L2/L3 VPN, TDM, MPLS and PWE3 based services with close to zero software effort. The portfolio includes all the functionality required by MEF standard Network Interface Devices out of the box, including timing and synchronization functions compliant to IEEE® 1588v2 and SyncE. Many of the capabilities of WanStaX are readily available as functional demonstration builds which can be run on Microchip's WDS development platforms for WinPath. In conjunction with Civica’s consultancy and professional services offering, WanStaX is a sure route to successful product delivery for WinPath based devices.

In addition, Microchip and Civica work closely on developing future-proofed solutions for our customers; Civica supports Microchip's technical roadmap in facilitating a migration path to SDN via OpenFlow. Please see the jointly authored white paper on this topic, which describes how WinPath allows carrier applications to fully exploit its fully programmable data plane with Civica’s WanStaX providing the software control and integration facilities to make this vision a reality.

IP Infusion

In partnership with Microchip, IP Infusion offers a pre-integrated ZebOS® software platform on WinPath3 reference designs that provides an accelerated time-to-market software solution with reduced development risks and improved return on investment. IP Infusion is a leading provider of network software for enhanced Ethernet and IP services. OEMs rely on IP Infusion's ZebOS software platform and global professional services to bring products to market faster and to differentiate them from competitors with less cost.

Products built on IP Infusion technology are deployed in networks with five-9s reliability across five continents, as well as a growing number of enterprises, to improve network performance, decrease network infrastructure costs, and grow revenue.


Rayton is an ODM/OEM service provider in China, with extensive experience on WinPath3, WinPath3-SuperLite and WinPath4 hardware design and board bring ups. They also develop WinPath based white boxes for PTN and IP-RAN applications.