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To extend our leadership in server and storage interconnect, we offer the world’s lowest-power, highest-density and highest-performance SAS expander. This solution provides unparalleled performance and scalability for today’s hyperscale data centers, enterprise servers and storage systems.

SXP 24 Gbps SAS-4 Expanders

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The SXP 24G family delivers a higher port density to enable lower-power cold storage solutions, connectivity to high-performance MultiLink SAS™ drives, and more cost-effective solutions for a diverse set of applications including SAS/SATA JBODs, backplanes, blade servers and switches. Designed to take advantage of the higher bandwidth provided by new SAS-4 HBA/RAID solutions, the SXP 24G family provides an efficient backbone to improve performance, power and cost for applications using SAS 6G/12G/24G and SATA 3G/6G Solid-State Drives (SSDs) and Hard Disk Drives (HDDs). Our Dynamic Channel Multiplexing (DCM) feature provides ultra-high efficiency to SAS/SATA targets through bandwidth aggregation over SAS-4 links when they are connected to our SmartROC 3200 and SmartIOC 2200 controllers. We offer a Software Development Kit (SDK) that provides an array of features and an extensive set of APIs to enable developers of hyperscale data centers, OEMs and ODMs to customize and differentiate their solutions. To ensure that these differentiated solutions are secure, the SXP 24G includes built-in hardware root-of-trust, providing the solid foundation needed for safeguarding information. The SXP 24G family's trusted platform support includes firmware signing with secure boot and secure update features to ensure firmware integrity and authenticity in the end-to-end value chain.


  • DCM for nearly 100% efficient bandwidth aggregation for all SAS/SATA drive rates over SAS-4 links
  • Hardware root-of-trust secure boot and secure update
  • ChipLink tool provides a full suite of end-to-end diagnostics for development, test and debug
  • Field-proven SDK preserves your investment in previous generations of Microchip SAS expanders

SXP 12 Gbps SAS-3 Expanders

Our industry-leading SAS expander products offer superior signal integrity, integration, port density and performance. All our SAS expanders also feature a rich and robust customizable SDK for enclosure management, system-level diagnostics and monitoring that offers you a clean migration path for your code between product generations.


  • Low-cost solution ideal for density-optimized servers requiring direct connectivity to up to 24 SAS and/or SATA HDDs and SSDs
  • High I/O transaction and high-bandwidth solution with up to eight internal or eight external ports for a RAID adapter or HBA
  • High scalability with up to eight external ports for storage expansion to JBODs
  • Supports 12 Gbps data rates and is backward compatible to 6 Gbps
  • Low power consumption reduces energy consumption and maintenance costs
  • Low-profile MD2 form factor

SAS Expanders (Discrete)

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Product Status Port Count Generation Physical Dimensions Packages
PM8004 In Production 24 6 Gbps 27 mm x 27 mm 592/BGA
PM8005 In Production 36 6 Gbps 27 mm x 27 mm 592/BGA
PM8043 In Production 24 12 Gbps 25 mm x 25 mm 896/FBGA
PM8044 In Production 36 12 Gbps 25 mm x 25 mm 896/FBGA
PM8053 In Production 24 12 Gbps 31 mm x 31 mm 1073/FBGA
PM8054 In Production 36 12 Gbps 31 mm x 31 mm 1073/FBGA
PM8055 In Production 48 12 Gbps 31 mm x 31 mm 1408/BFBGA
PM8056 In Production 68 12 Gbps 31 mm x 31 mm 1408/BFBGA


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SXP 12G Family: SAS-3 Family Expanders Sell Sheet Download
SXP 24G Family: SAS-4 Family Expanders Sell Sheet Download

Supporting Collateral: https://pmcs.com/myPMC

ChipLink is an intuitive, Java-based, cross-platform Graphical User Interface (GUI) that allows developers to monitor, configure, and diagnose our data center products with immediate visual feedback, deploys a consistent toolset and offers many other advanced features that accelerate overall time-to-market for your design.