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The need to accurately measure a dynamic current is critical in a wide variety of applications, such as monitoring or charging batteries, creating a current controlled feedback loop for a power supply or motor, or simply to monitor current levels for safety reasons. Our current sense amplifiers provide a high-flexibility, high-precision solution to maximize efficiency and reliability with a zero-drift architecture, which makes your design more robust across a wide range of environmental conditions and applications.



  • High-voltage current sense amplifiers featuring a wide specified input common-mode range provide the flexibility to address a variety of voltage rails, including overhead for transients
  • The zero-drift architecture enables ultra-low offsets, allowing you to use smaller shunt resistors without sacrificing resolution
  • Integrated, on-chip Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) filters reduce high-frequency interference and are ideal for harsh, electrically noisy environments

Looking for a More Integrated Solution?

We provide a variety of devices to monitor power, voltage, current, zero cross detection and energy accumulation. Whether you need to monitor a DC voltage or a single- or poly-phase AC line, our innovative and easy-to-use products provide highly integrated solutions to meet your design challenges.

Need to Support High-Voltage AC/DC Current Monitoring?

The HV780x series of high side current monitors offers a wide input voltage range and low quiescent current, making these devices well suited for a variety of offline, battery-powered and portable applications.

Current Sense Amplifiers

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Product Input Common Mode Voltage Min (V) Input Common Mode Voltage Max (V) Vos Max (µV) Bandwidth (kHz) Iq Typical (µA) Iq Max (µA)
MCP6C02 3 65 16 500 490 725
MCP6C04 3 52 30 500 500 840

Amp’titudes Episode 13 – Current Sensing

This video discusses the use of amplifier in shunt-based current sensing applications and the pros and cons of high-side and low-side monitoring. http://www.microchip.com/linear