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We provide small but powerful LIN System Basis Chips (SBCs) that include two integrated relay drivers with integrated flyback diodes. The advanced features of the ATA6633xx enable you to design best-in-class motor control applications wherever an electric motor in a car must be controlled with relays in both directions. Some typical applications include window lifters, trunk openers, seat controls or sunroof motors.

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ATA663331/54 LIN System Basis Chip with Relay Drivers

Quick Glance:

  • Low Dropout Regulator (LDO): 3.3V/5V/85 mA ±2%
  • Two relay drivers including flyback diodes
  • High-voltage wake-up input
  • AECQ100 qualified

Development Tools

LIN Development Tools
Automotive Networking Development Board This is a low-cost modular development system for Microchip's 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit microcontrollers targeting CAN and LIN network related applications.
PICDEM™ CAN-LIN 1, 2 and 3 Development Boards
Demonstrate the main features of the devices, including the integrated CAN module
LIN Serial Analyzer
To develop and debug a LIN Communication Bus
ECAN/LIN PICtail™ Plus Daughter Board
ECAN/LIN PICtail™ Plus Daughter Board and Explorer 16 Development Board.
PICkit™ 28-Pin LIN Demo Board
To develop and debug a LIN Slave Node for PIC16F microcontrollers


Transceivers with Voltage Regulator and Relay Driver

One of Microchip Technology’s key design partners, IHR GmbH, has developed LIN-compliant drivers for Microchip’s PIC16F, PIC18F and PIC24F families of microcontrollers.

IHR is one of the leading manufacturers of diagnosis and emulation tools, as well as gateways for the automotive industry. IHR GmbH is also an associated member of the LIN consortium and has been performing LIN conformance tests for LIN 1.3, LIN 2.0 and LIN 2.1 test specifications.

To further aid the user in configuring the driver for their end application, IHR has developed a LIN Configuration Tool. This tool helps automate the process of generating LIN-compliant code which contains bus configuration information, node information and signal data using the LIN Description File (LDF).


LIN Transceiver w/ Voltage Regulator and Relay Driver

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Product Operative Voltage VS Min (V) Operative Voltage VS Max (V) Operating Temperature Min (°C) Operating Temperature Max (°C) Normal Mode Current (recessive) Max (mA) Sleep Mode Current Max (µA)
ATA663331 5 28 -40 +125 0.3 18
ATA663354 5 28 -40 +125 0.3 18


Title Download
AN1428 - LCD Biasing and Contrast Control Methods Download
AN_42143 - AT03078: Using the AFEC in SAM4E Microcontroller Download
TB3103 - Buck Converter Using the PIC16F753 Analog Features Download
AN_42145 - AT03088: Getting Started with SAM4E Download
AN990 - Analog Sensor Conditioning Circuits - An Overview Download
AN1468 - Peripheral Brief: Programmable Switch Mode Controller (PSMC) Download
AN_42169 - AT03758: Getting Started with SAM4N Download
AN_42144 - AT03157: SAM4E FPU and CMSIS DSP Library Download
AN_11061 - SAM3S Microcontroller Series Schematic Check List Download
TB3119 - Complementary Output Generator Technical Brief Download
AN_42134 - AT02971: Use of the Ethernet on SAM4E-EK Download
AN_32203 - AT02410: Smartcard Stack on SAM3S-EK Download
AN_42152 - AT03499: Getting Started With SAM3S Microcontrollers Download
AN_42155 - AT03463: SAM4S Schematic Checklist Download
AN_11098 - Modbus Slave Stack for the Family of SAM3 Microcontrollers Download
AN_42187 - AT03462: ATSAM3X and ATSAM3A Series - Checklist Download
AN1209 - Iontophoresis Implementation Using a Low-Cost Microcontroller Download
AN_42165 - AT02744: Lightweight Mesh to Ethernet Gateway with SAM3X - Software User`s Guide Download
TB3130 - Peripheral Pin Select in 8-Bit Microcontrollers Download
AN_11106 - Analog-to-Digital Converter in the SAM3S4 Download
TB3102 - Boost Converter Using the PIC12F1501 NCO Peripheral Download
AN_11020 - Getting Started with SAM3U Microcontrollers Download
AN1779 - Sensored Single-Phase BLDC Motor Driver Using PIC16F1613 Download
AN_11097 - Getting Started with SAM3N Microcontrollers Download
AN_42025 - AT01777: SAM4L Schematic Checklist Download
AN_11154 - NAND Flash Support on SAM3X Microcontrollers Download
AN_42141 - AT02333: Safe and Secure Bootloader Implementation for SAM3/4 Download
AN_42185 - AT03786: SAM N/S Series Software Migration Guide Download
AN1451 - Glitch-Free Design Using the Configurable Logic Cell (CLC) Download
AN_32199 - AT2200: ZigBee to Ethernet and Wi-Fi Gateway with SAM3X - Hardware User`s Guide Download
AN_42051 - AT03454: SAM-BA for SAM4L Download
AN_42024 - AT01778: Getting Started with SAM4L Download
AN1934 - Programming MGC3030/3130 in Production Download
AN_42218 - AT4066: EEPROM Emulation Using Internal Flash (SAM4) Download
AN_42279 - AT06864: SAM3/4C/4CM/4CP/4E/4N/4S/G Reset Controller (RSTC) Driver Download
AN_42231 - AT06068: SAM4E Schematic Checklist Download
AN_42209 - AT07890: SAM4 Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) Download
AN_42017 - AVR3002: Moisture Tolerant QTouch Design Download
AN_42013 - AVR1632: ASF - QTouch with XMEGA USB HID Download
AN1817 - Using a Hardware or Software CRC with Enhanced Core PIC16F1XXX in Class B Applications Download
AN_42280 - AT07903: SAM4L General-Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) Driver Download
AN_42283 - AT07942: SAM4L Asynchronous Timer (AST) Download
MXTAN0213 - Interfacing with maXTouch Touchscreen Controllers Download
AN_42278 - AT07901: SAM4L External Interrupt Controller (EIC) Driver Download
AN2521 - CRCSCAN on tinyAVR 0- and 1-series, and megaAVR 0-series Download
AN1478 - mTouch Sensing Solution Acquisition Methods Capacitive Voltage Divider Download
AN916 - Comparing CAN and ECAN Modules Download
AN2047 - Recommended Usage of Microchip I2C EERAM Devices Download
AN2102 - Designing Applications with MCP16331 High-Input Voltage Buck Converter Download
AN_6318 - AT91SAM Internet Radio Download
AN_6287 - Using SDRAM on AT91SAM7SE Microcontrollers Download
AN_42312 - AT06863: SAM4L Peripheral Event Controller (PEVC) Driver Download
AN_42044 - AVR3007: QTouch Composer with QT600-ATmega324 Training Guide Download
AN1960 - Using the MCP16311/2 Synchronous Buck Converter Design Analyzer Download
AN1267 - eXtreme Low-Power (XLP) PIC Microcontrollers: An Introduction to Microchip's Low-Power Devices Download
AN_42294 - AT07906: SAM4 Pulse Width Modulation Controller (PWM) Download
RN42 PCB Trace antenna characteristics Download
AN_42361 - AT09281: ASF Manual (SAM D11) Download
AN2133 - Extending PIC MCU Capabilities Using CLC Download
AN_6253 - Safe and Secure Firmware Upgrade for AT91SAM Microcontrollers Download
AN44093 - AFE Calibration on SAM V/E/S7x Microcontrollers Download
AT13878: SMART SAM V7x TCM Memory Download
AN_42750 - AT14973: SAM L21 Wearable Demo Reference Design User Guide Download
AN44045 - Advanced Debugging with ETM for SAM V7/E7/S7 MCUs Download
AN_42296 - AT07910: SAM4L Liquid Crystal Display (LCDCA) Driver Download
AN1921 - Microchip TCP/IP Lite Stack Download
AN_44086 - SAM G55 Optimized Low Power Consumption Operation Download
SAM AT03468 Wireless Passive Infrared Motion Detection Reference Design for SAM Download
AN42382 - AT04056: Getting Started with FreeRTOS on SAM Flash MCUs Download
AN_42284 - AT07337: SAM4 Real-Time Clock (RTC) Download
AN_6404 - Using Low Power Modes in AT91SAM7L Microcontrollers Download
AN_6301 - NAND Flash Support on AT91SAM7SE Microcontrollers Download
AN_6296 - Getting Started with AT91SAM7X Microcontrollers Download
smart sam e70 tcm memory applicATion note AT14971 Download
AN_42510 - AT13878: SMART SAM V7x TCM Memory Download
AN5365 - SAM L11 Security Reference Guide Application Note Download
AN_42315 - AT07908: SAM4L Inter-IC Sound Controller (IISC) Download
AN_42309 - AT06785: SAM G54 Schematic Checklist Download
AN_6293 - Getting Started with AT91SAM7S Microcontrollers Download
AN2570 - Secure UART Bootloader for SAM D10 Application Note Download
AN_42323 - AT09253: SAM4L Analog Comparator Interface Controller (ACIFC) Driver Download
AN1262 - Using C30 External Spaces to Communicate with Off-Chip Serial SRAM Download
usb dual role implementATion on sam v7x e7x s7x applicATion note AT13722 Download
AN_42359 - AT09280: ASF Manual (SAM D10) Download
AN2722 - Getting Started With SAM L10 / L11 Xplained Pro Application Note Download
AN228 - A CAN Physical Layer Discussion Download
AN_8375 - AVR262: QTouch with USB HID Download
AN754 - Understanding Microchip's CAN Module Bit Timing Download
AN_42393 - AT09381: SAM D - Debugging Watchdog Timer Reset Download
getting started with sam4l using qtouch composer applicATion note AT03075 Download
AN44027 - True Random Number Generator Architecture and Tests for |SMART SAM V71/V70/E70/S70 MCUs Download
AN879 - Using the Microchip Ultra Low-power Wake-up Module Download
AN_42362 - AT06467: Getting Started with SAM D09/D10/D11 Download
AN_42311 - AT07973: SAM G51 Schematic Checklist Download
AN2095 - Transistor Coil Ignition with Integrated Remote Keyless Entry and Immobilizer Using PIC Microcontrollers Download
AN_42472 - AT11491: Peripheral Power Consumption in Standby Mode for SAM D Devices Download
AN_42533 - AT13323: QTouch Smart Scan with Lumped Mode Download
AN2098 - mTouch Sensing Technology Water Resistance Download
AN_42655 - AT15291: Migrating QTouch Designs from SAM D MCUs to SAM C MCUs Download
AN_6261 - AT91SAM7SE Microcontroller Series Schematic Check List Download
AN1287 - Using C18/HI-TECH C Compiler to Interface Serial SRAM Devices to PIC16F/PIC18F Microcontrollers Download
AN2699 - UART Bootloader SAM L10 and L11 Download
AN_42423 - AT10934: Audio Recorder with SAM G53-XPRO and MEMS MIC XPRO Download
AN_42313 - AT07893: SAM4L Peripheral DMA Controller (PDCA) Download
AN1160 - Sensorless BLDC Control with Back-EMF Filtering Using a Majority Function Download
AN_42292 - AT07899: SAM3S/4E /4S Analog Comparator Controller (ACC) Download
AN_42142 - AT03258: Using Low Power Modes in SAM4E Microcontroller Download
AN606 - Low-Power Design Using PICmicro Microcontrollers Download
AN_6213 - AT91SAM7S64 USB Certification Download
AN_42305 - AT09002: SAM I2C - SPI Bootloader Download
AN1249 - ECAN Operation with DMA on dsPIC33F and PIC24H Devices Download
AN_42442 - AT11849: QTouch Surface Design Guide Download
AN_42360 - AT09363: PTC Robustness Design Guide Download
AN_42316 - AT08642: SAM3A/3N/3S/3U/3X/4E/4N/4S/G Peripheral DMA Controller (PDC) Driver Download
AN_6310 - GNU-Based Software Development on AT91SAM Microcontrollers Download
AN_42173 - AT01295: Integration of QTouch Library with BitCloud ZigBee Light Link Download
AN_44085 - SAM G55 Crystal-less USB Operation Download
AN_42476 - AT04155: SAM4L USB Host MSC Bootloader with Optional AES Download
AN2587 - EMI, EMC, EFT, and ESD Circuit Design Consideration for 32-bit Microcontrollers Application Note Download
AN2488 - maXTouch 12C/USB Bridge Boards Download
AN_8349 - AVR4013: picoPower Basics Download
AN_8996 - AT30TS01K100 Kit Firmware Upgrade Using SAM-BA Download
AN_8332 - AVR259: ATtiny40 QTouchADC Demonstration Kit Download
Getting Started with AT91SAM7A3 Microcontrollers Download
AN1978 - SEPIC LED Driver Demo Board for Automotive Applications Download
AN2557 - Sinusoidal Current Drive for Brushless DC Motor Download
AN_42310 - AT07215: SAM G53 Schematic Checklist Download
TB078 - PLL Jitter and Its Effects in the CAN Protocol Download
AN_42293 - AT07900: SAM4 Digital-to-Analog Converter Controller (DACC) Download
AN1492 - Microchip Capacitive Proximity Design Guide Download
AN_42375 - AT07694: SAM D11 USB Mass Storage Device Download
AN_42593 - AT13764: QTouch Scroll Sensor for Wearables Download
MigrATing to a SAM3A-based system from a SAM7A3-based system Download
AN_42045 - AVR3008: QTouch Composer with QT600-ATtiny88 Training Guide Download
Cable Replacement Solution Download
AN_6258 - AT91SAM7S Microncontroller Series Schematic Check List Download
AN_6369 - AT91SAM7L Microcontroller Series Schematic Check List Download
AT13723: Getting Started with freeRTOS on SAM V/S/E MCUs Download
AN_42706 - AT11483: Quadrature Decoder (QDEC) for SAM3/4 Devices Download
AN2054 - AN2054 - Gigabit Ethernet Guide Download
AN_8407 - AVR1521: XMEGA-A1 Xplained Training - Low Power Download
AN_42557 - AT14972: SMART SAM S70 TCM Memory Download
AN2515 - AVR Low-power Techniques Download
AN_6327 - AT91-AN01: Using the Two-wire interface (TWI) in Master Mode on AT91SAM Microcontrollers Download
AN_6260 - AT91SAM7X and AT91SAM7XC Microcontroller Series Schematic Check List Download
AN1626 - Implementing Metal Over Capacitive Touch Sensors Download
COM Port Reset - App Note Download
AN_6309 - Connecting EBI Memory Daughter Boards to AT91SAM Evaluation Boards Download
AN_42041 - AVR3004: QTouch with Safety Features Download
AN898 - Determining MOSFET Driver Needs forMotor Drive Applications Download
AN1245 - Recommended Usage of Microchip SPI Serial SRAM Devices Download
AN_42301 - AT07898: SAM3/4S/4L/4E/4N/4CM/4C/G Timer Counter (TC) Driver Download
AN1001 - IC Temperature Sensor Accuracy Compensation with a PIC Microcontroller Download
AN_42421 - AT12616: Getting Started with ATSAMD10D14A Download
AN2152 - Applications of the Peripheral Trigger Generator (PTG) Download
AN_42429 - AT11412: UART to Ethernet Gateway with SAM4S Download
AN_6250 - Using Open Source Tools for AT91SAM7 Cross Development Download
AN2794 - OPAMP as ADC Gain Amplifier for SAM L10 MCUs Application Notes Download
AN_42094 - AT02259: QTouch Schematic and Layout Checklist Download
AN_42295 - AT07909: SAM4C/4E Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Driver Download
AN_6295 - Getting Started with AT91SAM7SE Microcontrollers Download
AN2512 - Microchip CoAP Stack Download
AN_42579 - AT12699: Multifunction Compact Keyboard Download
AN_42297 - AT07912: SAM4L Parallel Capture (PARC) Driver Download
AN_42300 - AT08477: SAM4N/G51/G53 Analog-to-Digital Convertor Download
AN_42298 - AT06860: SAM3/4S/4C Analog-to-digital Converter (ADC) Download
AN2775 - CPU Usage Demonstration Using DMAC for SAM L10 MCUs Application Note Download
AN_42179 - AT03816: QMatrix Control Panel for In-Home Display Download
AN1602 - Introduction to HSIC Download
AN_42392 - AT07216: SAM G55 Schematic Checklist Download
AN_6220 - AT91SAM CAN Bootloader User Notes Download
TB3137 - High-Precision 16-Bit PWM Technical Brief Download
AN_42291 - AT07892: SAM3A/3U/3X/4E DMA Controller (DMAC) Driver Download
AN_6229 - Using the Serial Peripheral Interface with AT91SAMxx Devices Download
AN1277 - Using C32 Compiler to Interface Serial SRAM Devices to PIC32 MCUs Download
AN_42314 - AT07902: SAM4L Watchdog Timer Download
AN_6306 - Using the Memory Protection Unit (MPU) on AT91SAM7SE Microcontrollers Download
AN_42534 - AT13214: Using Cyclic Redundancy Check Calculation Unit (CRCCU) on SAM4S Download
AN44047 - How to Optimize Usage of SAM V7x/E7x/S7x Architecture Download
AN1541 - AN1541 - Using the MCP19111 Design Tools Download
AN_42208 - AT01486: Low Cost Capacitive Touch TV Control Keypad Download
AN44046 - Using the Analog Front End in the SAM V7/E7/S7 MCUs Download
AN1269 - Using C30 Compiler to Interface Serial SRAM Devices to dsPIC33F and PIC24F Download
AN1292 - Sensorless Field Oriented Control (FOC) for a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) Using a PLL Estimator and Field Weakening (FW) Download
AN2122 - AN2122 - Flyback SMPS Using a Microcontroller as Control Unit Download
AN2520 - Sensorless Field Oriented Control (FOC) for a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) Using a PLL Estimator and Equation-based Flux Weakening (FW) Application Note Download
AN1106 - Power Factor Correction in Power Conversion Applications Using the dsPIC® DSC Download
AN1278 - Digital Power IPFC Reference Design Application Note Download
AN1207 - Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) Topologies (Part II) Download
AN1114 - Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) Topologies (Part I) Download
AN984 - An Introduction to AC Induction Motor Control Using the dsPIC30F / dsPIC33F DSC Download
AN1305 - Sensorless 3-Phase Brushless Motor Control with the PIC16FXXX Download
AN1162 - Sensorless Field Oriented Control (FOC) of an AC Induction Motor (ACIM) Download
AN1206 - Sensorless Field Oriented Control (FOC) of an AC Induction Motor (ACIM) Using Field Weakening Download
AN2584 - Integrated Power Factor Correction (PFC) and SensorlessField Oriented Control (FOC) System for Microchip 32-bitMicrocontrollers Application Note Download
AN2590 - Sensorless FOC for PMSM Using Reduced Order Luenberger Observer - Download
AN2321 - Solar MPPT Battery Charger for the Rural Electrification System Download
AN971 - USB Port-Powered Li-Ion/Li-Polymer Battery Charging Download
AN_42501 - AT11489: Low Power Techniques for SMART ARM MCUs Download
AN_42160 - AT03498: Low Power Modes in SAM3 Family Download
AN3049 - Sensorless Position Control of Brushed DC Motor Using Ripple Counting Technique Download
AN1476 - Combining the CLC and NCO to Implement a High Resolution PWM Download
AN32208 - AT02985: User's Guide for USB-CAN Demo on SAM4E-EK Download
AN_32093 - AVR32739: Low power software design using 32-bit AVR UC3 Download
AN1940 - AN1940 USB to GPIO Bridging with Microchip USB 2.0 Hubs Download
AN2757 - Sensored (Encoder-Based) Field Oriented Control of a Three Phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) Download
AN955 - VF Control of 3-Phase Induction MotorUsing Space Vector Modulation Download
TB081 - Soft-Start Controller for Switching Power Supplies Download
AN_42056 - AVR3005: Low Power QTouch Design Download
AN2812 - Low-Power Touch Design Download
AN900 - Controlling 3-Phase AC Induction Motors Using the PIC18F4431 Download
AN_8267 - AVR1010: Minimizing the power consumption of XMEGA devices Download
AN891 - Interrupt-based PIC18 Master LIN Driver in C for Enhanced USART Download
AN1335 - Phase-Shifted Full-Bridge (PSFB) Quarter Brick DC/DC Converter Reference Design Using a dsPIC® DSC Download
AN_42456 - AT11487: Low Power Consumption Techniques for XMEGA XPLAINED Kit Download
AN2375 - Advantages of Slope Compensation with CIPs Download
AN1941 - AN1941 USB to I2C Bridging with Microchip USB 2.0 Hubs Download
AN2450 - Oscillator Jitter and Jitter-Causing Events Download
AN1971 - AN1971 - USB to SPI Bridging with Microchip USB 2.0 Hubs Download
AN2754 - USB-to-I2C Bridging with USB7002, USB7050, USB7051, and USB7052 Hubs Download
AN2726 - USB-to-UART Bridging with Microchip USB7002, USB7050, USB7051, and USB7052 Hubs Download
AN2000 - USB to UART Bridging with Microchip USB 3.1 Gen 1 Hubs Download
AN1998 - USB to I2C Bridging with Microchip USB 3.1 Gen 1 Hubs Download
AN1338 - Grid-Connected Solar Microinverter Ref. Design Using a dsPIC® DSC Download
AN2001 - USB to UART Bridging with Microchip USB 2.0 Hubs Download
AN239 - Bit Banged LIN Slave Node for PIC16 & PIC18 Download
AN1427 - High-Efficiency Solutions for Portable LED Lighting Download
TB3160 - Primary Side Power Limiter and Control Download
AN1336 - DC/DC LLC Reference Design Using the dsPIC® DSC Download
AN235 - Implementing a LIN Master Node Driver on a PIC18 Microcontroller with USART Download
AN1086 - Switching Power Supply Design with the PIC16F785 Download
AN1999 - USB to SPI Bridging with Microchip USB 3.1 Gen 1 Hubs Download
AN_42154 - AT03782: Using Low Power Modes in SAM4N Microcontroller Download
AN905 - Brushed DC Motor Fundamentals Download
AN1075 - Migrating Designs from MCP201 to MCP2021-500 Download
AN967 - Bidirectional VF Control of Single and 3-Phase Induction Motors Using the PIC16F72 Download
TB094 - Dimming AC Incandescent Lamps Using A PIC10F200 Download
AN_32136 - AVR32917: Getting started with the picoPower Board Download
AN1997 - USB-to-GPIO Bridging with Microchip USB 3.1 Gen 1 Hubs Download
AN2341 - USB4715 FlexConnect Operation Download
AN864 - Implementing a LIN Slave Node on a PIC18F1320 Download
AN_42320 - AT04113: How to implement SleepWalking on an ARM Cortex-M4 MCU Application: Step-by-step Project Building Guide Download
AN2456 - Configurability in a Switched Mode Power Supply Controller Download
AN_8318 - AVR1509: XMEGA-A1 Xplained training - Low Power Download
AN2750 - AN2750 USB-to-GPIO Bridging with Microchip USB70xx Hubs Download
TB3167 - Advantages of the Operational Amplifier Peripheral in PIC Microcontrollers for SMPS Applications Download
AN2721 - Getting Started with Dual Core - Getting Started with Dual Core Download
TB062 - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About dsPIC® DSC SMPS Devices Download
AN1367 - Porting the Helix MP3 Decoder onto Microchip's PIC32MX 32-bit MCUs Download
AN887 - AC Induction Motor Fundamentals Download
AN2083 - USB Commands for the USB253x/3x13/46x4 Hub Feature Controller Download
AN_42263 - AT07146: Low Power Design Consideration in Thermostat with SAM4L Download
AN_42411 - AT06549: Ultra Low Power Techniques Download
AN1152 - Achieving Higher ADC Resolution Using Oversampling Download
AN2790 - USB-to-SPI Bridging with Microchip USB7002 and USB705x Hubs Download
AN2430 - USB-to-SPI Bridging with Microchip USB471x and USB49xx Hubs Download
AN1700 - FlexConnect Applications Download
AN_42204 - AT03289: SAM4L Low Power Design with FreeRTOS Download
AN2785 - World's Fastest Embedded Interleaved 12-bit ADC Using PIC32MZ and PIC32MK Families Download
AN889 - VF Control of 3-Phase Induction Motors Using PIC16F7X7 Microcontrollers Download
AN1426 - Design Tips for the MCP3911 Download
AN1151 - PIC18F2520 MCP3909 3-Phase Energy Meter Reference Design - Meter Test Results and Adapting the Meter Design for other Requirements Download
AN994 - IEC Compliant Active-Energy Meter Design Using the MCP3905/6 Download
AN1300 - Designing with the MCP3901 Dual Channel Analog-to-Digital Converters Download
DN-H03 - Alternate Use of the HV9922 as an Off-line, Non-isolated, 50 to 100 mA Auxiliary Power Supply Download
AN-H50 - HV9910B: Constant, Off-time, Buck-based LED Driver Download
AN874 - Buck Configuration High-Power LED Driver Download
AN1211 - Maximum Power Solar Converter Download
AN-H58 - Improving the Efficiency of a HV9930/AT9933 Boost-Buck Converter Download
AN1050 - A Technique to Increase the Frequency Resolution of PICmicro MCU PWM Modules Download
AN1261 - Dimming Power LEDs Using a SEPIC Converter and MCP1631 PIC Attach PWM Controller Download
AN-H64 - Compatibility and Functional Differences between the HV9961 and HV9910B LED Drivers Download
AN1271 - Offline Power Converter for High-Brightness LEDs Using the PIC16HV785 Microcontroller Download
AN1035 - Designing with HV Microcontrollers Download
AN-H48 - HV9910B: Buck-based LED Driver Download
AN980 - Designing a Boost-Switching Regulator with the MCP1650 Download
AN954 - Transformerless Power Supplies: Resistive and Capacitive Download
DN-H02 - Isolated Constant Power Converter Using the HV9922 Download
AN1487 - DALI Control Gear Download
AN1138 - A Digital Constant Current Power LED Driver Download
AN1465 - Digitally Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) Communication Download
AN-H51 - AT9933: Designing a Boost-Buck converter with the HV9930 Download
AN1074 Setup - Software PWM Generation for LED Dimming and RGB Color Applications Download
AN1120 - Ethernet Theory of Operation Download
AN_8845 - ATSHA204A and ATECC508A Personalization Guide Download
AN_44068 - SAMA5D2 Securing Cryptographic Operations Download
AN_2435 - SAMA5D2 Secure Boot Strategy Download
AN594 - Using the CCP Module(s) Download
AN3433 - Touchpad With Built-In Surface Gesture Recognition Using Peripheral Touch Controller Download
AN3636 - Using the Internal OPAMP as Regulated Power Supply for MVIO Download
AN564 - Using the PWM Download
AN3632 - Constant-Current Driver Using the Analog Signal Conditioning (OPAMP) Peripheral Download
AN3633 - Gain and Offset Calibration of the Analog Signal Conditioning (OPAMP) Peripheral Download
AN713 - An introduction to the CAN protocol that discusses the basics and key features. Download
Getting started with TCB Download
Analog Sensor Measurement and Acquistion Download
TB3286 - Getting Started with Analog Signal Conditioning (OPAMP) Download
AN3631 - Low-BOM Microphone Interface Using the Analog Signal Conditioning (OPAMP) Peripheral Download
TCD Tech Brief Download
Getting Started with TCA Download
AN696 - PIC18CXXX/PIC16CXXX DC Servomotor Download
AN729 - LIN Protocol Implementation Using PICmicro® MCUs Download
AN843 - Speed Control of 3-Phase Induction Motor Using PIC18 Microcontrollers Download
AN822 - Stepper Motor Microstepping with PIC18C452 Download
Title Download
Analog and Interface Product Selector Guide Download
Automotive Network and Connectivity Solutions Download
USB Solutions Brochure Download
Microchip Minutes Episode 6: Basic Comparator Setup Application Lab Download
8-bit PIC and AVR Microcontroller Solutions Brochure Download
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SAM S70 and SAM E70 Families Sell Sheet Download
SAM L10/11 Sell Sheet Download
32-bit Touch Peripheral Sell Sheet Download
PIC32MX3/MX4 Sell Sheet Download
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