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Building secure, robust and reliable electronic systems for space, aviation and defense applications is critical. We have a long history and proven track record of providing innovative, reliable and high-quality solutions for these types of applications. In 1957, we supplied the electromechanical relays for the Atlas launch vehicle. Voyager 1, the furthest manmade object from Earth, has been utilizing our frequency control products to aid in the transmission of data from a distance of 13 billion miles. We have continuously expanded our product offerings to deliver the largest portfolio of aerospace and defense semiconductor solutions in the market to give you the freedom to innovate.

  • Our high-reliability, radiation-tolerant and radiation-hardened products are designed and qualified for the harshest environments
  • Many of our products are designed to fit small footprints, consume very little power and operate reliably in high-temperature and electromagnetic environments
  • We offer a wide variety of packaging and quality screening options, including hermetically sealed and non-hermetic/plastic products screened to various qualification levels
  • Our COTS-to-radiation-tolerant devices are tailored to withstand levels of Total Ionizing Dose (TID) and Single Event Effects (SEE) for lower earth orbits and new-space applications
  • Our radiation-hardened devices are Rad-Hard By Design (RHBD), offering the highest levels of TID and SEE radiation performance for the most demanding applications

You can take advantage of our extensive expertise and technical support to reduce your integration risk and development time. Our development ecosystem includes IP licenses, a variety of demonstration and evaluation kits, reference designs, software, application notes and detailed documentation. Our team of engineering, sales, marketing, logistics and quality experts provide the specialized support that you need to solve your most difficult design challenges.

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Aerospace and Defense

Aerospace and Defense

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