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Our proven technologies are the building blocks that allow you to craft trusted, differentiated client platforms for laptops, notebooks, desktops, monitors, docking stations and other computing accessories. We co-engineer our solutions with the leading companies in the computing industry to offer solutions validated on the latest technology infrastructures, ensuring that our solutions are tested, proven and ready for your next generation of client computing platforms. Whether your design requires embedded controllers, microcontrollers, user interface solutions, wired and wireless connectivity, security, system memory devices, sensors for monitoring temperature, power and touch, GPIO expansion, or more, we have your next design covered.

We are committed to serving the evolving needs of the computing market by enabling innovation and differentiation for our clients. As a supplier of platforms and technology that have been vetted and implemented by leading computing companies, we can help you address your biggest challenges including improving power consumption and efficiency, simplifying and automating IT and securing critical assets. 

Coupled with our world-class technical support, we have the expertise and the ability to support customers, manufacturers and design partners around the world.

Computing Applications

Client Computing

We anticipate market trends to provide you with differentiating technology for notebooks, desktops, monitors and docking stations.

Industrial Computing

We tailor our proven computing technology to your clients’ embedded/industrial market requirements for reliability and long lifecycles.

Computing Technologies


We are a source of excellence for eSPI and offer technical expertise that reduces your design riskwhen migrating from LPC to eSPI. We worked with compute OEMS for years on the creation of the eSPI spec, and we believe that we have the best eSPI solution in the computing space today. We co-validated it with the first eSPI platforms, thereby establishing a trusted advisor role for many in the computing client industry.  

Platform Root of Trust/Secure Boot

Confidently secure your computing products with the industry’s most comprehensive security portfolio. Our security portfolio includes integrated hardware-based security features that are more secure than software-only solutions. We implement the latest security algorithms to provide your system with platform root of trust, protecting your platform and your brand. 

Modern Standby

Modern Standby allows computers such as laptops and tablets to wake when  a real-time action, such as OS maintenance or a user wakes up the system, occurs. We develop and certify our Embedded Controllers (ECs) for Modern Standby. These ECs are on Intel’s Platform Component List (PCL) for readiness. We have also completed AMD in-house validation, making it easier for you to reach your overall computing system power budget.

Embedded Memory Interface (EMI)

Many of our ECs contain a unique interface to transfer large amounts of data between the EC and the host processor. The Embedded Memory Interface (EMI) allows the transfer of multiple blocks of data up to 32 KB at a time. This allows you to perform remote BIOS updates and other functions much faster than with other devices currently available in the market.

VCI Logic

Many of our ECs have a VBAT-Powered Control Interface (VCI). This interface is exposed on the pins of our devices to allow a system to be powered in a very-low power state to support smaller form-factor mobile computing platforms. In this power state, the EC consumes approximately 10 uA, which means it can be powered from a coin cell battery.

Find Your Solution

Embedded and Keyboard Controllers

These high-performance, feature-rich and scalable embedded controllers offer common peripheral blocks and registers for flexible design.

Desktop and Industrial Super I/O

Our Super I/O combines legacy functions (serial port, parallel ports, PS2) with hardware monitoring and general-purpose I/O to reduce the number of chips required in your design.

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eSPI-to-LPC Bridge       

Take advantage of the power savings and speed improvements of the eSPI bus in your existing LPC industrial computing designs.

I/O Expansion and Legacy I/O

With up to 101 input-output pins in a single device, our I/O expansion and legacy I/O devices can be integrated into a variety of systems, allowing you to implement a variety of solutions with a single flexible device.

Need Some Help?

We are here to support you. Contact our Client Success Team to get assistance with your design.