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Client Computing

Leaders in the computing industry collaborate with us to offer solutions validated on the latest technology infrastructures. This collaboration ensures that your products are tested, proven and ready for your next generation of client computing platforms. Our proven portfolio allows you to create stable, reliable digital business solutions like laptops, desktops, workstations and peripherals.

Industrial Computing Total System Solution

System Management

Product/Solution Description
Embedded  and Keyboard Controllers (ECs) Industry-leading embedded controller solutions with integrated hardware root of trust for notebooks, convertibles, all-in-ones and industrial PCs
Super I/O Combines legacy functions (serial port, parallel ports, PS2) with hardware monitoring and general-purpose I/O to reduce the number of chips required in your design

I/O Expansion and Bridging

Product/Solution Description
I/O Expansion Offers up to 101 Input/Output (I/O) pins in a single device for integration into a variety of systems
eSPI to LPC Bridge Delivers the power savings and speed improvements of the eSPI bus to existing LPC industrial computing designs
System I/O Bridge Provides USB to GPIO/I2C/SPI bridging in small WLCSP packages to reduce pins/cabling between laptop base and lid/display
Low-Pin-Count I/O Expanders 8- and 16-bit SPI and I2C I/O expanders

USB Solutions

Product/Solution Description
USB Hubs USB 3.1 SmartHub™ ICs with support for USB Type-C® Power Delivery (PD) make it easy to add faster charging to a variety of leading-edge products, including docking stations and displays
USB-C® Power Delivery (PD) Controllers Flexible USB-C Power Delivery (PD) controllers can be combined with our USB hubs and Embedded Controllers (ECs) to offer a complete Power Delivery (PD) solution for notebook computers, monitors, docking stations
USB Switches and Transceivers Enable a single port of connectivity and USB charging in mobile devices or add a USB transceiver to your design

Human-Machine Interface

Product/Solution Description
Capacitive Touch and Gesture Solutions Add capacitive touch buttons, sliders, wheels, and gesture with easy-to-implement options that will enhance your product’s user experience
Camera Flash LED Drivers Capable of driving one or two camera flash LEDs up to 1.5A, these camera flash LED drivers offer best-in-class efficiency and enhanced current accuracy for portable applications, including tablets and notebooks
Auxiliary Graphics Display Enhance the user experience with embedded graphics solutions for microcontrollers (MCUs) and microprocessors (MPUs) coupled with maXTouch® touchscreen controllers

System Timing

Product/Solution Description
MEMS Oscillators Provide a highly reliable, accurate, and small package size reference clock for your system without requiring an external reference crystal

Thermal/Power Management

Product/Solution Description
Temperature Sensors Single- and multi-channel temperature sensor ICs
Current/Power Sensors AC and DC power monitor ICs to measure power, voltage, current and energy accumulation

Wireless Connectivity

Product/Solution Description
Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® Auxiliary wireless communication solutions to support sleep and pre-boot functionality and more


Product/Solution Description
Trust Platform Secure your mobile ecosystem and IP with our Trust Platform solutions


Product/Solution Description
DDR Termination Regulators Low output impedance, very high bandwidth, quick transient response time and high output voltage accuracy
Serial EEPROM and Flash World’s most reliable memory for data and software storage

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