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Achieve Higher Levels of Integration, Security and Reliability

Our System-on-Chip Field-Programmable Gate Array (SoC FPGA) families make it faster and easier to complete highly integrated designs with up to 50% lower power consumption than alternative FPGAs. Whether you’re designing high-end Linux® and microprocessor applications or more modest general-purpose functions, you can count on high reliability and security features in an easy-to-design, low-cost implementation.

PolarFire® SoC FPGAs

If you need to run Linux or a real-time operation on a chip, the PolarFire SoC offers an unparalleled combination of thermal efficiency and defense-grade security to simplify the deployment of smart, connected systems.

  • Deterministic, coherent 64-bit multi-core RISC-V CPU
  • 25K to 460K Logical Elements (LEs)
  • Up to 50% lower power than alternatives
  • Integrated DDR3/4, LPDDR3/4 controller and PHY

SmartFusion® 2 SoC FPGAs

Optimize design size and power consumption using these low-density, low-power devices. SmartFusion 2 SoC FPGAs bring proven security and exceptional reliability to communications, industrial, medical, defense and aviation applications.

  • 166 MHz Arm® Cortex®-M3 based microprocessor with instruction cache
  • Up to 150K LEs with 5 MB SRAM and 4.5 MB NVM
  • 5 Gbps SerDes, PCIe®, XAUI/XGXS+
  • Native SerDes
  • DDR2/3 controllers with SECDED

SmartFusion SoC FPGAs

If you need a true SoC that gives more flexibility than traditional fixed-function microcontrollers without the excessive cost of soft processor cores on traditional FPGAs, SmartFusion SoCs offer full customization, IP protection and ease of use.

  • Industry’s only FPGAs with hard 32-bit Arm Cortex-M3 core
  • Programmable analog with Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC), voltage/current/temperature monitors, Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC), comparators, and Analog Compute Engine (ACE)
  • Proven ProASIC® 3 FPGA fabric with up to 500K gates and 204 analog and digital I/Os

Resources to Help You Get Started with Your FPGA-Based Design

Powering FPGAs

Find out how you can use our power management solutions to reduce the total footprint size of your FPGA-based design, maximize power density and save valuable PCB space.

Clocking FPGAs

Create flexible and powerful FPGA-based systems using our crystal, MEMS oscillator and multiple-output clock generator FPGA clocking solutions.

FPGA and SoC Design Resources

Speed up and simplify your development with our easy-to-learn and easy-to-adopt design resources that include:

  • Libero® SoC Design Suite
  • Development kits and boards
  • IP cores library and partners

If you need extra help with your project, contact one of our FPGA Design Partners.

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