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We offer industry-leading performance for RF devices operating in the license-free ISM frequency bands (2.4 GHz, 868 to 928 MHz, 433 MHz, and 315 MHz). Our devices support both unidirectional or bidirectional data communication to meet target proprietary and standard based wireless applications such as smart metering, alarm systems, home automation and the increasing Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Our Smart RF products include unidirectional devices with a single transmitter, bi-directional devices with dual transceivers and high-performance receivers.

All our RF components are designed to work together flawlessly to give you the reassurance of error free design, integration, and testing. We integrate all the building blocks you need for both base and mobile stations in typical remote control and access control systems.

Key Features

  • Integrated design — Because of our experience in digital and analog design, we have produced a portfolio of RF devices that delivers the largest link budget in the industry. System level functions such as automatic transmission, frame acknowledgement and hardware security accelerators offload the microcontroller to reduce power and computation burden.
  • Broad data rate and transmission support — Our devices support data rates from1 Kbps to 20 Kbps (FSK) and 1 Kbps to 10 Kbps (ASK) in Manchester mode and bi-phase mode, plus other codes in transparent mode with programmable bit ranges.
  • Broad frequency range support— Our devices also support all license-free ISM frequency bands (2.4 GHz, 868 to 928 MHz, 433 MHz, and 315 MHz) so you can design products that target a wide range of proprietary wireless industrial and consumer applications.
  • High sensitivity — Low-IF receivers provide high selectivity, blocking and low intermodulation, eliminating the need for bulky blocking surface acoustic wave (SAW) filters in remote control units.
  • Low current consumption — In operation, idle, and sleep mode for long battery lifetime
  • Adjustable output power— Transceiver devices support a power output range from 0 to 10 dBm; the output can be adjusted and stabilized with external resistors.
Device Family Summary Benefit Applications Technologies Key Parameters
Receiver ICs High-performance Custom solutions    
Transceiver ICs Fast challenge-response crypto functionality, low power Bidirectional remote control and access control systems    
Transmitter ICs Highly integrated microtransmitters Battery-powered applications such as remote controls or garage door openers AVR® Microcontrollers Up to 1 MIPS per MHz