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App Developer Specialists

The following companies have proven web and mobile app development expertise as verified by Microchip’s Cloud Enablement Team. Please contact these companies for your design needs.

Design Partner Location(s) Contact Information
Coderus United Kingdom, Europe sales@coderus.com
+44 (0) 1473 633107
Haneke Design Florida, USA sales@hanekedesign.com
+1 (813) 377-2471
Maark Massachusetts, USA mcolombo@maark.com
+1 (617) 723-2122
WillowTreeApps Virginia, USA info@willowtreeapps.com
+1 (888) 329-9875

Embedded Cloud Specialists

The following companies have proven Cloud and IoT design expertise as verified by Microchip's Cloud Enablement Team. Please contact any of these companies for design services and support of your Cloud or IoT project needs.

Design Partner Location(s) Contact Information Data Platform Web Portal Development Kits
Caribou Technologies Toronto, Canada info@cariboutech.com
+1 (416) 567-1995
Cloud Platform Independent Architecture iot.cariboutech.com Microchip-based Kits
DornerWorks, Ltd. Michigan, USA  sales@dornerworks.com
+1 (616) 245-8369
Ayla, Azure  Amazon  Microchip-based Kits
Exosite Minnesota, USA sales@exosite.com
+1 (612) 353-2161
Data Platform Portal Microchip-based Kits
ioBridge, Inc. Massachusetts, USA sales@iobridge.com
+1 (508) 630-2165
 ioBridge Iota ThingSpeak Iota Eval Board
ISIS IC Germany, Europe du@isis-ic.com
+49 281 338 390
PubNub California, USA hello@pubnub.com
+1 (415) 223-7552
PubNub Global Data Stream Network Portal Pubnub PIC32 Client Library

Pubnub PIC32 Harmony Library
SeeControl California, USA info@seecontrol.com
+1 (800) 540-2850
IOT Cloud Platform Portal Microchip-based Kits
Simms Electronics Michigan, USA info@simmselectronics.com
+1 (616) 794-6020
SOTEC Germany, Europe info@sotec.eu
+49 7033 5458 0
Google, Microsoft http://www.sotec.eu/ CloudPlug
Ubidots Florida, USA sales@ubidots.com 
+1 (415) 200-4311
Ubidots for Business Ubidots for Business Web Portal Microchip Device Integrations
Zerynth Italy, Europe l.f.cerfeda@zerynth.com 
+39 320 082 1616
Supported Cloud Services Portals of Supported Cloud Services Microchip-Based Boards

Wireless Design Partner Specialists

The companies listed below have proven Radio Frequency (RF) and wireless networking design expertise as verified by our Wireless Product Division team. Please contact any of these companies for design services and support of your wireless project needs.

The table also includes their areas of expertise as noted below.

Areas of Expertise


In this category, the listed company provides services related to RF and antenna design and assistance with getting products certified at regulatory agencies.


Zigbee is a wireless protocol standard defined by the Zigbee Alliance. Visit our Zigbee page to learn about our solutions. Look through our list to find companies that provide firmware development services related to the Zigbee stack.


A company with Wi-Fi expertise provides services to develop firmware for Wi-Fi applications. Visit our Embedded Wi-Fi page for more information about our Wi-Fi solutions.

MiWi™ Protocol

The MiWi protocol is our proprietary wireless networking solution that helps you develop wireless applications and reduce your time to market. Look through the partner list to find a company with expertise in the MiWi protocol.

Design Partner Location(s) Contact Information RF/Antenna RF4CE MiWi™ Protocol Wi-Fi® Bluetooth® ZigBee®
Alciom France, Europe rlacoste@alciom.com
+33 1 47-09-3051
A.N. Solutions GmbH Germany, Europe (Thomas Lerm) info@an-solutions.de
+49 351-30900-194
Aristotle Taiwan, Far East Daniel@alead.com.tw
+886 2 289707048
ASH UK, Europe info@ashwireless.com
+44 (0) 23 8055 1044
Dresden Elektronik Germany, Europe +49 351 318500          
Fractum Brazil, South America contato@fractumrf.com
+55 35 3471 0019
GrayStone Industries Nevada, USA rsbishop@graystone-ind.com
+1 (775) 315-3524
Occam Technology Group Tampa, Florida USA ray.carr@occamtechgroup.com
+1 (844) 622-2663
Resolution Engineering Wisconsin, USA contact@resolutioneng.com
+1 (715) 381-3060
SAI New Jersey, USA dsaar@saarinc.com
+1 (609) 818-0860
Surface Mount Technology Corp. Wisconsin, USA Paulw@teamsmt.com
+1 (920) 954-8324
Twisthink Michigan, USA kurt@twisthink.com
+1 (616) 393-7766
Wiseware Portugal, Europe info@wisewaresolutions.com
+351 964956780
Zebryk Engineering Massachusetts, USA Jay@Zebryk.com
+1 (508) 764-3855