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Microchip’s Digital-to-Analog Converters (DACs) meet the low-power needs of a myriad of precision-controlled conversion applications. Our DAC portfolio supports 8-bit, 10-bit and 12-bit resolution with one to four channels. Our unique, integrated non-volatile memory option allows the DAC’s configuration to be saved at power down reducing microcontroller overhead and simplify the system design. Several DAC devices offer high-precision control at 1 LSb of Integral Nonlinearity (INL) improving overall static and dynamic performance. Small form factor SOT-23 and DFN (2X2) packages support space-constrained designs.


  • Dual channel
  • 12-Bit DAC
  • MTP memory
  • Internal Vref
  • 1 LSb INL
  • I2C interface


  • Single channel
  • 12-Bit DAC
  • Internal Vref
  • Bandgap 1.22V
  • SPI interface


  • Quad channel
  • 12-Bit DAC
  • Internal Vref
  • Automotive qualified
  • I2C interface

Companion Products

Voltage References

Looking for stable voltage references for your data conversion system to help improve accuracy and reduce error? Check out our voltage reference products.

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Are You Working on an Automotive Application?

The low-power, high-speed and high-precision performance of our AEC-Q100-qualified Digital-to-Analog Converters make them excellent choices for automotive designs.

Digital-to-Analog Converters

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Title Download
MCP4728 - 12-Bit, Quad Digital-to-Analog Converter with EEPROM Memory Download
MCP47FEBXX Data Sheet Download
MCP48FEBXX Data Sheet Download
Analog Solutions for Automotive Applications Design Guide Download
Section 58. Data EEPROM Download

Software Libraries

Title Download
CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols and Footprints by Accelerated Designs Ultra Librarian Download

Reference Designs

Title Part Number Devices Supported
MCP3421 Weight Scale MCP3421DM-WS MCP3421, MCP6V07
MCP3421 Battery Fuel Gauge MCP3421DM-BFG MCP3421, MCP3422, MCP1702, PIC18F4550
MCP355X Tiny Application Sensor MCP355XDM-TAS MCP3550, MCP3551, MCP3553
RTD Temp Sensor TMPSNS-RTD1 MCP3301, MCP41010, MCP6S26, PIC18F2550
RTD Reference Design Board TMPSNSRD-RTD2 MCP3551, MCP9804

MCP4728 Evaluation Board Demo

The MCP4728 Evaluation Board (MCP4728EV) is a tool for quick and easy evaluation of the MCP4728 Quad Channel 12-bit Non-Volatile Digital-to-Analog Converter from Microchip Technology. The evaluation board contains the MCP4728 device and connection pins for the Microchip's popular PICkit™ Serial Analyzer. This video demonstrates the use of this evaluation board by connecting it to a PICkit™ Serial Analyzer and entering the appropriate DAC input data in the PICkit™ Serial Analyzer's PC Graphical User Interface program. The PICkit™ Serial Analyzer sends the user's data to the DAC device so that new DAC's analog outputs will be available immediately at the output pins.