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Find the Optimal FPGA to Launch Your Space or Other Harsh-Environment Application

You will find a range of solutions for integrating multiple system functions or legacy ASIC designs into our antifuse FPGAs. Speed your design process by working with system-level features including built-in security and embedded SRAM, or replace multiple chips with a single high-volume, low-cost solution.

Axcelerator FPGAs

Achieve ASIC-like performance across up to 2 million equivalent system gates with the Axcelerator family of FPGAs. Utilizing the AX architecture, Axcelerator devices streamline development through system-level features such as design security, embedded SRAM (with embedded FIFO control logic), PLLs, segmentable clocks, chip-wide highway routing and carry logic.

  • Nonvolatile, high-speed antifuse FPGAs
  • 125K–2M system gates
  • 350 MHz system performance
  • 0.15 µm, CMOS antifuse process


Reduce design time and cost for wired and mobile e-appliances through the focused combination of features in eX FPGAs. Meet all of your power, speed, package and price requirements by replacing traditional low-density ASIC implementations in flexible single-chip FPGAs, without the long lead times and costly Non-Recurring Engineering (NRE) charges.

  • Low-power, low-density antifuse FPGAs
  • 3K–12K system gates
  • 350 MHz system performance
  • 0.22 µm CMOS antifuse process


Integrate your legacy PLDs into a single, low-cost device using MX FPGAs. This high-volume platform improves system cost and reduces complexity without compromising on cost and time. Featuring very low power consumption and the industry's highest design security, MX FPGAs offer you a reliable, single-chip ASIC alternative.

  • Mixed-voltage and 5 V-only operation
  • 3K–54K system gates
  • 250 MHz system performance
  • Dual-port SRAM modules and multiplex I/O


Design with SX-A devices to generate system-wide savings. They integrate multiple functions into a low-cost, single-chip solution. Providing a combination of ASIC performance, security, and low power, SX-A can balance your design tradeoffs while providing a solution that is highly secure from reverse engineering.

  • Sea-of-modules antifuse FPGAs
  • 12K–108K system gates
  • 250 MHz system performance
  • 66 MHz PCI compliant