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World’s Most Reliable Memory

The electronic systems we use today require some form of memory for data and software storage. As a leading supplier of high-quality memory products, we offer a broad portfolio of serial EEPROM, serial EERAM, parallel EEPROM, OTP EPROM, serial Flash, parallel Flash, serial SRAM, NVSRAM, and CryptoMemory® security ICs to meet your memory needs.  We also offer the industry’s first commercially available serial memory controller for use in high-performance data center computing applications. Our extensive testing protocols have ensured industry-leading robustness and endurance along with best-in-class quality to provide you with reliable products, dependable technical support and a consistent supply of devices throughout your product’s lifecycle.

The MemoryLink Product Selection Tool is a great discovery tool that provides an encompassing overview of all our memory products and supporting development boards. This interactive tool contains selectable links allowing you to quickly navigate to product-specific information.  It is available as an online web tool or as a downloadable PDF for your convenience.


Serial EEPROMs are low-power, nonvolatile memory devices with robust operating ranges, small size and byte alterability, making them ideal for data and program storage. Serial EEPROMs can be written more than one million times.

  • 128 bit to 4 Mbit
  • Available in I2C, SPI, Microwire, single-wire and UNI/O® bus modes

Serial EERAM

EERAM is a nonvolatile SRAM with a shadow EEPROM backup. Data is automatically backed up onto the EEPROM at power down using a small external capacitor. Unlike NVSRAM, no external battery is needed. This device combines the reliability of an EEPROM with the performance of an SRAM. EERAM offers unlimited erase and write cycles to the memory.

  • SPI: 64 Kbit to 1 Mbit
  • I2C: 4 Kbit to 64 Kbit
  • Available in SOIC-8, TSSOP-8, TDFN-8

Serial Flash

Our Serial Quad I/O™ (SQI™) and SPI Flash devices are manufactured with our proprietary, high-performance CMOS SuperFlash® technology, which significantly improves performance (erase any block in less than 25 ms) and reliability (100 years data retention) while lowering power consumption.

  • 512 Kbit to 64 Mbit in 3V and multiple densities in 1.8V
  • SQI Flash devices: up to 104 MHz and includes advanced security features

Parallel Flash

Our multi-purpose parallel Flash memories are manufactured with our proprietary, high-performance CMOS SuperFlash technology which significantly improves performance (erase any block in less than 25 ms) and reliability (100 years data retention) while lowering power consumption.

  • 1 Mbit to 64 Mbit in 3V and multiple densities in 5V and 1.8V
  • Superior read performance and security features available in Advanced MPF+

Serial SRAM

Serial SRAM is a standalone volatile memory that offers an easy and inexpensive way to add more RAM to your application. These 8-pin devices have unlimited endurance and zero write times.

  • 64 Kbit to 1 Mbit
  • SPI, SDI and SQI bus modes


Serial NVSRAM offers low-cost, nonvolatile RAM storage via an external battery and is ideal for applications that need to write very often to the memory.

  • 512 Kbit to 1 Mbit
  • Battery backed

Parallel EEPROM

Parallel EEPROM provides robust nonvolatile memory with faster read times than serial EEPROM for direct code execution and high-reliability data storage in telecommunications, avionics, military and other applications.

  • 64 Kbit to 1 Mbit with 2.7V and 5V options
  • Parallel data access, similar to static RAM for read and write cycles.


One-Time Programmable (OTP) EPROM technology with fast parallel access times provides secure, unalterable memory for excellent firmware and data protection.

  • 256 Kbit to 8 Mbit with 5V, 3V, and battery-voltage 2.7V options
  • Rapid programming algorithm: 100 μs/byte

CryptoAuthentication™ ICs

These secure key storage devices provide a true secure boundary to protect cryptographic keys. They help prevent counterfeiting of accessories and disposable applications and also secure your IoT device's mutual authentication.

Smart Memory Controller

The industry’s first commercially available serial memory controller, the SMC 1000 8x25G, enables CPUs and other compute-centric SoCs to utilize four times the memory channels of parallel attached DDR4 DRAM, delivering higher memory bandwidth and media independence for compute-intensive platforms with ultra-low latency.

  • Increased memory bandwidth
  • Media independent
  • Lower solution costs

Memory Product Comparison

  Explore Products Explore Products Explore Products Explore Products Explore Products Explore Products  Explore Products Explore Products
Density 128 bit - 4 Mb 64 Kb - 1 Mb 256 Kb - 8 Mb 512 Kb - 64 Mb 1 - 64 Mb 64 Kb - 1 Mb 512 Kb - 1 Mb 4 Kb - 1 Mb
Clock Frequency 0.4 - 20 MHz 70 ns 45 ns 20 - 104 MHz 55-70 ns 16 - 20 MHz 16 - 20 MHz 1 - 66 MHz
Cost/Bit High High High Low Low Medium Medium Medium
Read Times Medium Fast Fast Medium Fast Medium Medium Medium
Write Times Medium Fast N/A Medium Fast Instantaneous Instantaneous Instantaneous
Pin Count 2 to 8 pins 28 and 32 pins 28 to 44 pins 8 pins 32 and 48 pins 8 pins 8 pins 8 pins
Data Retention 200+ Years 10 Years 10 Years 100+ Years 100+ Years Volatile 20+ Years
(with battery)
100+ Years
Typ. Standby Current 1 µA 200 µA 100 µA ~15 µA ~30 µA ~4 µA ~4 µA ~40 µA
Voltage 1.7 V - 5.5V 2.7V,
1.65V - 1.95V,
2.7V - 3.6V,
2.3V - 3.6V
1.65V - 1.95V,
2.7V - 3.6V,
4.5V - 5.5V
1.65V - 1.95V,
2.5V - 5.5V
2.5V - 5.5V 2.7V - 3.6V,
4.5V - 5.5V
Temperature -55°C to +150°C 1 -55°C to +125°C -40°C to +85°C -40°C to +125°C 1 -40°C to +85°C -40°C to +125°C -40°C to +85°C -40°C to +125°C 1

1. Selected densities