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For more than three decades, we have been providing leading-edge, highly integrated aerospace and defense solutions for space, aviation, military and other harsh-environment applications. As a leading supplier of memory products, we offer a portfolio of devices that have been developed through years of research and testing so that they are ready to withstand the harsh environments found in aerospace and defense applications. Some of these devices have been in production for more than 25 years, and they are backed by our client-driven obsolescence practice of continuing to supply a product for as long as possible.

Find the Right Solution for Your Design

Rad-Hard Memories

With our flight heritage of space applications based on SRAM memories, we support the space industry’s requirements for robust devices that can withstand radiation effects. These products also feature optimized power consumption and are available in small-footprint packages.

  • AT60142 4 Mb SRAM
  • AT68166 16 Mb SRAM
  • AT69170 4 Mb Serial EEPROM

Rad-Tolerant Memories

Our rad-tolerant portfolio is based on our widely deployed commercial and automotive memories. Featuring industry-proven technologies, these rad-tolerant devices stand up against radiation effects and insure latch up immunity and survivability in critical environments.

  • SST38LF6401RT 64 Mb Parallel Flash
  • AT17LV010 1 Mb Serial EEPROM
  • AT28C010 1 Mb Parallel EEPROM

Military Grade Memories

We offer devices from our traditional parallel EEPROM family as fully MIL-883 tested 5V military-grade (−55°C to 125°C) options in hermetic ceramic packages. These devices are dual marked and qualified under Standard Military Drawing Number (SMD#)

  • AT28C010 1 Mb Parallel EEPROM
  • AT28C256 256 Kb Parallel EEPROM

Scalable Solutions for Missions with Different Radiation Requirements

Take advantage of the benefits of the first Arm® core-based microcontrollers that combine the low-cost and large ecosystem benefits of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) technology with space-qualified versions that offer scalable levels of radiation performance. These solutions will allow you to prototype on a less-expensive COTS device before implementing your design with a space-grade component, reducing your development time and costs

Additional Memory Solutions

Automotive Memories

Explore our broad portfolio of serial EEPROMs, serial SRAMs, serial and parallel Flash and our innovative serial EERAMs for automotive applications. Developed through years of research and robust testing, these devices offer industry-leading reliability and endurance while operating in harsh automotive environments.

  • AEC-Q100 for select densities
  • Grade 0 (150°C)
  • Grade 1 (125°C)
  • Grade 3 (85°C)

Industrial-Grade Memory Solutions

We offer an extensive portfolio of serial EEPROM, serial EERAM, parallel EEPROM, One-Time Programable (OTP) EPROM, serial Flash, parallel Flash, serial SRAM and NVSRAM products available in wide-temperature-range plastic packages to suit your Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) memory needs.

Memory Development Tools

These evaluation boards are available to support your development of aerospace and defense applications using our memory products:

Serial SuperFlash® Kit 2

Part Number: AC243008

The Serial SuperFlash Kit 2 contains three serial Flash daughter boards that are designed to interface with the mikroBUS™ connector on the Explorer 16/32 Development Board.

SQI SuperFlash Kit 1

Part Number: AC243009

The SQI SuperFlash Kit 1 contains three serial Flash daughter boards that are designed to interface with the mikroBUS connector on the Explorer 16/32 Development Board.

Parallel SuperFlash Kit 1

Part Number: AC243006-1

This evaluation kit contains two parallel Flash PICtail™ Plus Daughter Boards that are designed to interface with the PICtail Plus connector on the Explorer 16 Development Board.

Resources to Help You Get Started with Memories

MemoryLink Product Selection Tool

The MemoryLink Product Selection Tool is a great discovery tool that provides an encompassing overview of all our memory products and supporting development boards. This interactive tool contains selectable links allowing you to quickly navigate to product-specific  information.


View All Parametrics
Product Memory Type Memory Size Memory Organization Access Time / Frequency Operating Voltage Packages
AT60142H SRAM 4 Mbits 512k x 8 15 ns 3.3V
AT60142HT SRAM 4 Mbits 512k x 8 17 ns 3.3V
AT65609EHV SRAM 1 Mbits 128k x 8 40 ns 5V
AT65609EHW SRAM 64 kbits 8k x 8 40 ns 5V
AT68166H SRAM 16 Mbits 512k x 32 18 ns 3.3V
AT68166HT SRAM 16 Mbits 512k x 32 20 ns 3.3V
AT69170F EEPROM (Serial) 4 Mbits 4M x1 400 kHz (TWI) 3.3V
M65609E SRAM 1 Mbits 128k x 8 40 ns 3.3V
View All Parametrics
Product Memory Type Memory Size Memory Organization Operating Voltage TID - Total Ionizing Dose SEL - Single Event Latchup
AT17LV010-10DP EEPROM (Serial) 1 Mbits 1M x1 3.3V 20 kRad / 60 kRad (unbiased) >80 MeV.cm2 /mg
AT28C010-12DK EEPROM (Parallel) 1 Mbits 128 k x8 5V 10 kRad / 30 kRad (unbiased) >80 MeV.cm2 /mg
SST38LF6401RT Flash (Parallel) 64 Mbits 4M x 16 3.3V 50 kRad >78 Mev
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