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For the highest performance, dsPIC® Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs) are designed to run powerful algorithms to maximize efficiency across widely varying load and environmental conditions. They have the performance to close the control loop using algorithms implemented in firmware. Fully digital power supplies are a competitive necessity in applications where efficiency requirements are stringent, transient response is critical and monitoring/reporting are mandatory for maximum uptime. This approach is ideal for server, networking and telecom infrastructure equipment, renewable energy hardware and wireless power applications.

Power Factor Correction (PFC) is essential to increase energy efficiency and meet regulatory requirements in higher-wattage power supplies. In the example below, the dsPIC DSC simplifies the implementation of a Boost-PFC stage using average current mode control. This digital PFC function uses minimal DSC resources, leaving plenty of additional capability for the DSC to perform other functions.

The dsPIC DSC’s features enable full digital control of applications such as AC-DC converters, DC-DC converters and DC-AC inverters. The high-speed Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) module’s many operating modes facilitate the implementation of advanced conversion topologies such as PFC, phase-shifted full-bridge with synchronous rectification and multi-phase buck converters. High-speed analog-to-digital conversions can be triggered at precise times in relation to the PWM cycle to feed updated values into the control loop calculations. The high-performance Central Processing Unit (CPU) enables the implementation of advanced digital control loops and compensators in firmware.

The dsPIC33 DSC family can dynamically control different power stages in power-efficient and highly integrated converters. The high-speed Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC), PWM and comparators work together to require minimal CPU bandwidth. Faster digital control loops and compensators can be executed by using a high-performance Digital Signal Processor (DSP) engine. Advanced features such as dynamic load response, protections, sequencing and communications can also be implemented.

dsPIC DSCs with Advanced Peripherals for Digital Power Control

A high-performance DSP engine and specialized peripherals are essential when you are implementing advanced software digital control loops for power applications. dsPIC DSCs feature a high-performance CPU and rich peripherals to create advanced power conversion designs with minimal requirements for external circuitry. The DSP engine performs single-cycle MAC with up to 40 bits of resolution, data saturation, zero overhead looping and barrel shifting to support fast control loop execution. Peripherals, such as high-speed PWM generators, ADCs, Programmable Gain Amplifiers (PGAs) and high-speed analog comparators can be tied together using an internal configurable control fabric so they can interact directly with one another, resulting in stunning performance gains in digital power applications.

Key Features

  • Dual- and single-core DSCs offering performance up to 100 MIPS/core
    • Slave core implements control loop executing latency critical compensator algorithms
    • Master core runs communication stack, safety functions and system-level functions
    • Design different functions separately and integrate them seamlessly
  • Built-in DSP engine enables high-speed, high-precision digital power control loops
  • Multiple register set for fast context switching
  • Precision high-speed internal oscillators eliminate the need for external crystal oscillator
  • Advanced on-chip peripherals specifically designed for high-performance, intelligent power supplies:
    • Power supply PWM modules
      • 250 ps for duty cycle, phase shift, period and dead time for high switching frequency designs
      • Flexibility to control numerous power topologies
      • Configurable PWM control inputs for hardware response to external events to reduce control latency
    • Up to four high-speed 12-bit, 3.5 Msps ADCs for simultaneous sampling
      • Sophisticated triggering capabilities with overall latency as low as 0.89 µs
    • Integrated PGAs for signal conditioning
    • Up to four analog comparators with a response time of 15 ns and 12-bit DACs with waveform generation
    • Streamlined interoperation between PWM, ADC and CPU
    • Additional channels of 16-/32-bit timers, input capture, circuits, output comparators and PWM generators
    • Communication peripherals including UART, SPI, I2C, PMBus™ and CAN/CAN FD interfaces
  • Live update for real-time firmware upgrades with no downtime for operating power supplies used in servers
  • Functional Safety hardware peripherals and functions to help increase reliability and redundancy
    • Functional Safety Ready products that are supported with safety manuals, FMEDA reports, diagnostic software and TÜV SÜD-certified MPLAB® XC compiler and a fully qualified and complete development environment for ISO 26262, IEC 60730 and IEC 61508 compliance
  • Automotive AEC-Q100 Grade 0 qualification with operation ranging from −40°C to 150°C
  • Robust packages to ease IPC-9592B qualification and as small as 4 × 4 mm to reduce design form factor

Recommended Products

Product Number
of Pins
dsPIC33CH512MPX0X 48–80 256–512 (Master)/
72 (Slave)
32K–48K (Master)/
16 (Slave)
12/12 4 × 2 Master
8 × 2 Slave
(31–34) × 12-bit,
4 S/H
3 4 3/3/3 0–2
dsPIC33CH128MPX0X 28–80 64–128 (Master)/
24 (Slave)
16K (Master)/
4 (Slave)
12/12 4 × 2 Master
8 × 2 Slave
(23–34) × 12-bit,
4 S/H
3 4 3/3/3 0–1
dsPIC33CK256MPX0X 28–80 32–256 8–24 9/9 (4–8) × 2 (12–24) × 12-bit,
3 S/H
2–3 3 3/3/3 0–1
dsPIC33CK64MP105X 28–48 32–64 8 5/5 4 × 2 (12–19) × 12-bit,
3 S/H
2–3 3 3/2/3 0
dsPIC33EPXXXGS70X/80X 28–80 64–128 8 4/4 8 × 2 (17–22) × 12-bit,
5 S/H
2 4 2/2/3 0–2
dsPIC33EPXXGS50X 28–64 16–64 2–8 4/4 5 × 2 (12–22) × 12-bit,
5 S/H
2 4 2/2/2 0
dsPIC33EPXXGS202 28 16–32 2 1/1 3 × 2 12 × 12-bit,
3 S/H
2 2 1/1/1 0

dsPIC® DSC Wireless Power and Charging Solutions

Learn how the dsPIC33 Digital Signal Controller which includes a powerful DSP Core, high-speed ADCs, high resolution PWMs, provides a high level of programmability, enables standards based wireless charging solutions. The dsPIC33 based 15W transmitter complies with the Qi standard, and supports CAN, NFC and authentication. The 200W Transmitter/Receiver solution developed with a custom controller is targeted for applications such as power tools, industrial robots etc., provides greater than 90% efficiency and includes an advanced foreign object detection scheme.