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Advanced research, cutting-edge engineering and packaging, superior manufacturing and integrated software design all result in embedded atomic oscillators that deliver exceptional performance and unsurpassed accuracy, stability and reliability in the most challenging environments. Combining low drift rates, excellent short-term stability and frequency stability during temperature changes, these oscillators maintain precise frequency and time during extended periods of holdover during GNSS outages or for applications where GPS is inherently unavailable.

Our embedded atomic oscillators are board-mountable and are ideal for portable, battery-powered applications where available power is limited and accurate frequency is required quickly after power-on. With built-in 1 PPS disciplining capability, these solutions deliver atomic clock accuracy combined with low size, weight, and power and are ideal for a variety of commercial, industrial, space and defense applications where performance and ruggedness count.

Chip Scale Atomic Clock (CSAC)

  • World’s lowest-power commercial atomic clock suitable for power-limited and battery-powered applications
  • Fast warm-up time compared to crystal oscillators and extended operating temperature make the CSAC ideal for challenging environments
  • Low profile and small footprint suitable for a wide variety of embedded applications 

Rubidium Oscillators

  • Superior oscillator stability for demanding commercial and military environments
  • Miniature Atomic Clock (MAC) is board-mountable, saving space and power compared to traditional atomic references
  • Rubidium technology enables extended timing and frequency holdover during GNSS outages

Featured Solutions

Precision Time and Frequency for C5ISR

C5ISR systems collect and disseminate information in support of military operations and play a crucial role in combat missions, providing real-time information to soldiers making battlefield decisions. C5ISR systems require highly reliable, real-time, secure and ruggedized solutions that can withstand extreme environmental conditions. Examples include tactical data communications platforms, satellite terminals, and autonomous/non-autonomous platforms for air, land, sea and space missions. C5ISR requirements are rapidly evolving and becoming more stringent to address emerging adversary capabilities, driving tougher timing and synchronization specifications that require embedded atomic oscillators.

GNSS Disciplined Oscillators (GNSSDOs)

Access the accuracy of the world’s most stable atomic clocks on board GPS satellites and similar constellations with our GNSS-disciplined oscillators. These self-calibrating modules deliver UTC time and long-term frequency stability to laboratories and mobile applications. The advanced software algorithms are able to acquire and maintain GNSS-lock in dynamic environments while also identifying and mitigating satellite broadcast errors. These modules pair an integrated Microchip MAC or CSAC with proprietary software compensation so they can maintain long frequency and timing holdover in GNSS-denied missions while keeping size, weight and power to a minimum.

53100A Phase Noise Analyzer

The 53100A Phase Noise Analyzer can be used for measuring precision atomic clocks, quartz and other high-performance oscillators up to 200 MHz. The intuitive PC-based interface makes it easy to acquire frequency stability measurements including Allan Deviation (ADEV), phase noise, AM noise, jitter measurements and more. The small size, rapid acquisition time and backwards compatibility with the legacy 5120A series of phase noise analyzers make the 53100A easy to integrate into existing test infrastructure or for it to serve as the workhorse for high-performance metrology applications.

Embedded Atomic Oscillators