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Digital Signal Controllers and 32-bit Microcontrollers With Integrated CAN FD

To meet the connectivity needs of robust embedded applications, Microchip offers a broad portfolio of dsPIC33C Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs) and 32-bit microcontrollers (MCUs) with up to two integrated ISO11898-1:2015-compliant CAN Flexible Data-Rate (CAN FD) controllers. These products range from entry-level devices to high-performance products that are available in both industrial- and automotive-qualified solutions.

dsPIC33C Digital Signal Controllers

Our dsPIC33C family of DSCs delivers accelerated Digital Signal Processor (DSP) performance for high-performance embedded, motor control, digital power control and safety-critical applications. The dsPIC33C family includes a complementary portfolio of dsPIC33CH dual-core DSCs and dsPIC33CK single-core DSCs, featuring an integrated CAN FD controller along with the supporting free software libraries for robust communication and increased bandwidth.

The dual-core dsPIC33CH family is designed to facilitate executing dedicated, time-critical or safety-critical control code on the slave core while the master core is busy running the system and communication functions. The dsPIC33CK family offers a cost-effective, single-core option with the same high-performance core and advanced peripherals.

dsPIC33C DSCs feature dedicated peripherals for functional safety compliance in automotive, industrial and medical applications.



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32-bit Microcontrollers

Our SAM C21 entry-level 32-bit MCUs with dual CAN FD interfaces are ideal for applications including motor control, home appliances, industrial and automotive. With their support for 5V operation and for IEC 60730 functional safety, these devices are well suited for use in harsh environments.

Low-power SAM E5x mid-range 32-bit MCUs offer a wide range of connectivity options including CAN FD and 10/100 Ethernet as well as USB 2.0. These MCUs are ideal for a range of applications including IoT, motor control and automotive. SAM E5x MCUs include a hardware-based AES-256 encryption engine, a True Random Generator (TRG) and a Public Key Cryptography Controller (PUKCC).

SAM E70, SAM V70 and SAM V71 high-performance 32-bit MCUs include up to two CAN FD interfaces 10/100 Ethernet with Ethernet-AVB support, a USB 2.0 interface and multiple serial interfaces, which make these devices ideal for automotive infotainment, drones, industrial applications and motor control applications.

Designs using these devices are supported by Atmel Studio 7 Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and Atmel START, an online graphical configuration tool for embedded projects. Code examples and lower-level peripheral drivers are also included.

Explore 32-bit Microcontrollers with CAN FD
dsPIC33C DSC Features
  • 3V, -40°C to +150°C operation with AEC-Q100 Grade 0 qualification for designing robust systems
  • Up to two cores with 100 MIPS performance and a DSP engine to handle real-time operations
  • Up to two CAN FD modules
  • Scalable memory up to 512 KB Flash
  • Available in 28- to 80-pin packages for use in a wide range of applications
  • High-resolution Pulse-Width Modulators (PWMs):
    • Up to 16 channels to enable precision dual-motor control and integrated Power Factor Correction (PFC)
    • 250 ps resolution for high-efficiency digital power applications
  • Dedicated set of peripherals to ease functional safety compliance
  • Maximum peripheral integration in ultra-small packages lowers Bill of Materials (BoM) cost
32-bit Microcontroller Features

Entry Level

SAM C21Family

  • 48-MHz Arm® Cortex®-M0+ based MCU
  • Up to 256 KB of Flash and 32 KB of SRAM
  • Up to 8 KB for EEPROM emulation
  • Dual ISO CAN FD
  • Up to six Serial Communications Interfaces (SERCOMs) which can operate as USART, I2C, SPI, LIN master/slave and RS-485
  • Peripheral Touch Controller (PTC)
  • Two 12-Bit, 1 Msps Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs)
  • 10-bit, 350 ksps Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC)
  • TQFP, QFN and WLCSP package options
  • AEC-Q100 Grade 1 Qualification
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Mid Range

SAM E5x Family

  • 120-MHz Arm® Cortex®-M4F based MCU
  • Up to 1 MB of dual-bank Flash and 256 KB of SRAM, both with ECC
  • Dual ISO CAN FD
  • Up to eight Serial Communications Interfaces (SERCOMs) which can operate as USART, I2C, SPI, LIN master/slave and RS-485
  • 10/100 Ethernet MAC with IEEE1588
  • Peripheral Touch Controller (PTC)
  • Full speed USB with embedded host/device
  • Integrated hardware security
  • Two 1 Msps, 12-bit ADCs with up to 32 channels and offset and gain error compensation
  • Two 1 Msps, 12-bit DACs and analog comparator
  • TQFP, QFN, TFBGA and WLCSP packages
  • AEC-Q100 Grade 1 Qualification
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High Performance

SAM E70, SAM V70 and SAM V71 Families

  • 300-MHz Arm® Cortex®-M7 based MCU
  • Up to 2 MB of Flash with ECC
  • Up to 384 KB of SRAM with support for Tightly Coupled Memory (TCM)
  • 16 KB of I-Cache and 16 KB of D-Cache
  • Dual ISO CAN FD
  • 10/100 Ethernet MAC with IEEE1588 and Ethernet AVB support
  • USB 2.0 Device/Mini Host High-Speed (USBHS)
  • MediaLB® device (SAM V70 and SAM V71)
  • Three USARTs, five two-wire USARTs, two SPI interfaces, three Two-Wire Interfaces (TWIHS) (I2C-compatible)
  • Two Analog Front-End Controllers (AFEC), each supporting up to 12 channels with differential input mode and programmable gain stage
  • One 2-channel, 12-bit, 1 Msps-per-channel Digital-to-Analog Controller (DAC)
  • LQFP, TFBGA and UFBGA packages
  • AEC Q-100 Grade 2 Qualification
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