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CAN Transceivers for Classical- and Flexible Data-Rate Networks

Microchip offers a complete line of CAN transceiver products supporting the new CAN FD standard with data rates up to 8 Mbit/s.  The devices are compliant to the latest ISO 11898-2 (2016) specification and meet global EMC performance levels as certified by external 3rd party test houses.  Microchip CAN transceivers serve today’s High-Speed solution needs while also providing a drop-in replacement path for CAN FD networks that are demanded by many automotive and industrial manufacturers. Various operating modes together with the dedicated fail-safe features make the devices an excellent choice for all types of high-speed CAN networks.

To complete the CAN transceiver family Microchip offers a new CAN Partial Networking transceiver fully compliant to the latest ISO 11898-2 (2016) standard.

High-Speed CAN and CAN FD Transceiver Features

  • Data rate up to 8 Mbits
  • Fully ISO 11898-1: 2016, SAE J2962-2 compliant
  • Low EME and high EMI
  • Remote wake-up capability via CAN bus
  • Transmit data (TXD) dominant time-out function
  • RXD recessive clamping detection
  • Undervoltage detection on VCC and VIO pins
  • CANH/CANL short-circuit and overtemperature protected and protected against transients in automotive environments

CAN Partial Networking Transceiver Features

  • Fully compliant to ISO 11898-2: 2016 and SAE J2962-2
  • Autonomous bus biasing
  • Low EME and high EMI
  • Data rate up to 5 Mbit/s
  • Very low current consumption in Sleep and Standby mode with fully wake-up capability
  • Power-down of the complete node via the INH-output (switching off external voltage regulator(s))
  • Six operation modes
  • Four wake-up sources with wake-up source recognition
  • Various fail-safe and diagnostic features
  • Watchdog with independent clock source

CAN FD Transceivers for Grade 0 Automotive Applications

Taking your automotive applications under the hood and into harsher environments just got easier with the industry’s first family of Controller Area Network (CAN) transceivers with automotive Grade 0 qualified parts. The ATA6562, ATA6563, ATA6564, ATA6565 and ATA6566 Grade 1 and 0 qualified CAN/CAN FD transceiver family have an ambient temperature rating of -40° to 125°C/150°C.