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For More Efficient and Variable Nodes in CAN Bus Networks

Our CAN Partial Networking (PN) transceivers offer various operating modes and dedicated fail-safe features that make them an ideal choice if you are designing high-speed CAN bus networks where the nodes are always connected to the battery but are only active when required by the application. These operating modes make it possible for a particular node or complete cluster to remain in selective sleep mode without wasting energy, which minimizes overall current consumption when the related tasks are not required. Less overall active current for inactive nodes creates a much more efficient system and adds flexibility to your next design.

These CAN PN transceivers offer very low power consumption in standby and sleep modes and support ISO 11898-2:2016 compliant CAN PN by offering a selective wake-up function. A CAN frame decoder evaluates the bus traffic and checks for a matching frame that has been configured into registers via the SPI. A dedicated implementation of the partial networking function has been embedded into our CAN PN transceivers, allowing CAN FD frames to be ignored during sleep/standby mode while waiting for a dedicated valid wake-up frame. 

Our CAN PN transceivers also support the CAN FD standard with data rates up to 5 Mbps in Normal mode. This partial networking feature is the perfect fit for networks that support both CAN FD and classic CAN communications, allowing classic CAN controllers that do not need to communicate CAN FD messages or are not supporting CAN FD to remain in partial networking mode during CAN FD communication. This is done by ignoring received CAN FD frames without generating bus errors. A window watchdog is also implemented in these CAN PN transceivers.  

Featured CAN FD Partial Networking Transceiver

The ATA6570 is a high-speed CAN FD transceiver with a window watchdog and a CAN FD-passive implementation of the partial networking function. This dedicated feature allows the use of the ATA6570 in classic CAN, CAN FD and mixed CAN networks and reduces the current consumption by only activating those nodes that are required at the time.   

CAN Bus Partial Networking Tranceivers

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Product Status Automotive Recommended Functional Safety Ready 5K Pricing CAN FD Operating Voltage Min (V) Operating Voltage Max (V) VIO Voltage Min (V) VIO Voltage Max (V) VS Min (V) VS Max (V) Operating Temperature Min (C) Operating Temperature Max (C) Operating Current Dominant (mA) Standby Current Max (µA) Sleep Current Max (uA) PN Frame Decode Supply Current (uA) Bitrate Max (MBit/s) Serial Bus Serial Bus Speed (MHz) Short Circuit ESD CANH CANL (kV) CMR (V) TxD Dominant Detector Wake-Up Frame (WUF) Silent Mode Bus Time out detection Wake Up Filter Time tFilter (us) Watchdog VIO Pin Wake Pin Reset Pin INH Pin Wettable Flanks Packages
ATA6570 In Production Yes Yes $0.40 Yes 4.55 28 2.4 5.5 4.55 28 -40 150 70 40 30 530 5 Yes 4 -27 to +42 8 +/-27 Yes Yes Yes Yes 0.5 to 1.8 Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes 14/SOIC, 14/VDFN