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16-bit PIC® Microcontrollers Family Overview

PIC24 MCUs and dsPIC® DSCs

Microchip's 16-bit, PIC24 MCUs and dsPIC® Digital Signal Controllers deliver more performance, low power consumption, flexible peripherals, and a complete development ecosystem of software and hardware tools to speed your development. With specialized peripherals for motor controldigital power conversion, low power security and advanced analog integration, the 16-bit family offers a good balance between low cost, low power and high performance. The broad product line includes everything from eXtreme Low Power microcontrollers to high performance dual core digital signal controllers. To learn more download our 16-bit embedded control solutions brochure.

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The 16-bit family offers a good compromise between low cost, low power and high performance. Learn more and get discounts on our latest Development Boards.


The 16-bit product portfolio includes a rich set of high-performance peripherals that integrate seamlessly with customer applications and enable solutions with reduced costs and time. Core Independent Peripherals (CIPs) offload the CPU for lower power and enhanced flexibility, including CLC, RTCC, MCCP, PTG, and crypto engine.


With single cycle execution, deterministic interrupt response, zero overhead looping, and fast DMA, the dsPIC family also adds a single cycle 16x16 MAC and 40-bit accumulators, ideal for math intensive applications like motor control and digital power conversion.

  • Pin and code-compatible across families
  • 16 to 100 MIPS, DSP options
  • dsPIC33 DSCs offer real-time response and high performance
  • Deterministic interrupt response for real-time control
  • High-endurance Error Correction Code (ECC) Flash up to 1MB
  • Dual-partition Flash supporting Live Update
  • 5V operation for increased noise immunity and robustness
  • Perform in harsh environment up to 150C suitable for most extreme automotive and industrial applications
  • AEC-Q100 Grade 0 qualification
  • PIC24 MCUs with XLP technology provides the lowest power and longest battery life

Software libraries, code examples and application notes are available to jump-start your application using PIC24 MCUs and dsPIC33 DSCs.

  • Microchip Libraries for Applications (MLA): The MLA is a collection of firmware libraries and demo projects. This software package includes source code, drivers, demos, documentation, and utilities for key applications that are used together: USB, Graphics, File I/O, Crypto, TCP/IP, and more.
  • Motor Control: You can shorten your development cycle by using free motor control software with application notes and tuning guides. Our scalable motor control development tools promote rapid prototyping for low-voltage and high-voltage systems including dual motor control options.
  • PMBus™ software is a Graphical User Interface allows monitoring and changing input and output parameters for any device that has a PMBus protocol incorporated.
  • Digital power compensator design tool (DCDT) helps power supply designers by simplifying the overall process of determining the digital compensator coefficients and analyzing the control system performance.
  • Floating point Math Library Microchip’s ANSI C compiler provides full floating point math capability, enabling both the single and double precision floating point operations needed for DSP math function library.
  • Digital filter design tools  makes designing, analyzing and implementing Finite Impulse Response (FIR) and Infinite Impulse Response (IIR) digital filters easy through a menu driven and user intuitive interface.
  • Easy Bootloader is a library of software components and example projects designed to facilitate creation of Bootloaders and compatible Applications. It supports a wide range of target PIC® MCU and dsPIC® DSC processors, minimize implementation effort/design time and maintain sufficient flexibility to accommodate many different communications protocols and bootloading topologies.
  • Code Examples - Microchip provides hundreds of code examples to setup peripherals and functions to cover many application areas. Choose the code examples based on device family used in your application:
Featured Hardware Development Tools

A few of our most popular hardware development boards available for the PIC24 and dsPIC33 products are shown below. For additional options, see the Development Tools tab below:

Curiosity Development Boards  - The dsPIC33CH Curiosity Development Board (DM330028) is intended as a cost-effective development and demonstration platform for the dsPIC33CH128MP508 family of dual-core high-performance digital signal controllers.

Designed from the ground-up to take full advantage of Microchip’s MPLAB® X IDE and MPLAB Xpress Cloud-based IDE, the board includes an integrated programmer/debugger, configurable SMPS load step transient generator, 2x mikroBUS™ interfaces, and requires no additional hardware, making it a perfect starting point to explore the dsPIC33CH dual core family.

dsPICDEM™ MCLV-2 Development Board (Low Voltage) - Provides a cost-effective method of evaluating and developing sensored or sensorless Brushless DC (BLDC) and permanent magnet synchronous motor control applications. The board supports Microchip’s 100-pin Plug-In-Modules with dsPIC33E or dsPIC33F Digital Signal Controllers

MPLAB Starter Kit for Digital Power
 - Uses the dsPIC33EP64GS502 DSC to implement a buck converter and a boost converter. It is a digitally controlled power supply board that consists of one independent DC/DC synchronous buck converter and one independent DC/DC Boost converter

Explorer 16/32 Development Kit - A flexible, convenient and ready to start development, demonstration and testing platform for 16-bit PIC24 MCUs, dsPIC DSCs and 32-bit PIC32 MCUs from Microchip Technology

Software Development Tools

The MPLAB® development environment is a single tool chain supporting all PIC® microcontrollers and dsPIC® Digital Signal Controllers.


MPLAB X IDE is a single Integrated Development Environment (IDE) supporting all PIC MCUs and dsPIC DSCs. It provides a single integrated "environment" to develop code for embedded microcontrollers. It includes a library of Microchip-validated code examples to get started right away and integrates the MPLAB XC16 compiler while featuring "One Click" Make, Program, Debug / Execute operation.

MPLAB Code Configurator

MPLAB Code Configurator is a free graphical programming environment that generates seamless, easy to understand C code. Using an intuitive interface it enables and configures a rich set of peripherals and functions. It minimizes reliance upon product datasheet and reduces overall design effort and time while accelerating generation of production-ready code.

MPLAB XC Compiler

MPLAB XC Compilers MPLAB XC16 provides a comprehensive solution for a project’s development software needs and comes in different optimization levels. It integrates with MPLAB X IDE to provide a full graphical front end. It can edit errors and create breakpoints to match the corresponding lines in source code. Single step through C and C++ source code to inspect variables and structures at critical points.

MPLAB XPress Cloud Based IDE Icon

MPLAB Xpress Cloud-based IDE MPLAB Xpress Cloud-Based IDE is an online development environment that contains the most popular features of our award-winning MPLAB X IDE. It is a perfect starting point for new users of PIC microcontrollers with no downloads, no machine configuration and no waiting to get started. Join the MPLAB Xpress Community to share code, ideas and knowledge.

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