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Atomic Clocks and Oscillators

For applications requiring the highest degree of free-running frequency and timing accuracy, we provide a broad portfolio of both laboratory-grade system atomic clocks and small PCB-mountable atomic oscillators based on atomic resonance techniques. Our sophisticated frequency and timing solutions can be used in a variety of applications, from secure network timing to autonomous atomic clock systems. Visit our Frequency and Timing page to learn more about our comprehensive product portfolio.

Featured Product

MAC-SA5X Miniaturized Atomic Clock

This rubidium-based atomic clock can meet your ultra-stable frequency and timing requirements when your design’s small size and power constraints prevent the use of larger lamp-based atomic clocks. This next-generation miniature atomic clock is completely redesigned for rapid warm-up time and to support a wider temperature range, making atomic clock timing available for an array of applications. New features including 1 PPS calibration and a versatile software interface to ease the design process. With its advancements in temperature stability and long-term drift rates, the MAC-SA5X enables frequency accuracy to be maintained for longer holdover durations.

MAC SA5X Board Photo

Atomic System Clocks

  • Cs beam tube with zero frequency drift
  • Active hydrogen maser for ultimate short-term stability
  • Largest install-base for timekeeping
  • Integration into time-scale applications
Atomic Clock Systems

Small Atomic Oscillators

  • World’s lowest-power commercial atomic clock
  • Ruggedized Rb oscillators for military applications
  • Low-power, low-profile and low-noise variants

Small Atomic Oscillators