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Battery Life Estimator


Looking for a tool to estimate the battery life for your embedded application? Download the Battery Life Estimator software utility today!

The Battery Life Estimator is a free software utility to aid you in developing Low Power applications with Microchip’s low power PIC® and SAM® MCUs. The tool estimates average current consumption and battery life. The utility allows users to select the target device, battery type, the application’s operating conditions (such as voltage and temperature) and finally model the active and power-down times for their applications. The tool comes pre-loaded with specifications of Microchip’s low power PIC and SAM MCUs and commonly used batteries in embedded applications. Users can also create additional profiles for a custom battery of their choice, if necessary.


Battery Life Estimator Beta version Features
● Profile your application RUN & SLEEP time (duty cycle)
● Select operating temperature and operating voltage
● Pre-loaded with electrical specifications of all PIC and SAM low power MCUs 
● Pre-loaded with most common battery specifications
● Customizable to allow you to add other battery and peripheral device profiles and specifications


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nanoWatt XLP Battery Life Estimator Installer v1.60