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MPLAB® X Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

MPLAB® X Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is a software program that runs on a PC (Windows®, Mac OS®, Linux®) to develop applications for Microchip microcontrollers and digital signal controllers. It is called an Integrated Development Environment because it provides a single integrated "environment" to develop code for embedded microcontrollers.

MPLAB X IDE brings a host of features to enhance the debug experience during the design phase of your project. Based on the open source NetBeans IDE from Oracle, Microchip has been able to add many frequently requested features very quickly and easily, while also providing a much more extensible architecture to bring you even more new features fast – including added support for PIC®, dsPIC®, AVR®, CEC and SAM microcontrollers and digital signal controllers.

Java® Platform and Operating System Direction

In order to align with industry standards and to continue to provide you the best experience when using MPLAB X IDE, we will be making the following changes to the IDE:

  • A license-free version of Java will be distributed with MPLAB X IDE starting in version 5.40
    • MPLAB X IDE versions up to and including 5.35 will use the last free JRE version 8 from Oracle®

No Oracle JRE license will be required to use any version of MPLAB X IDE

  • Operating system support for Windows, Mac OS and Linux will move to 64-bit only starting with MPLAB X IDE version 5.40
    • Product support releases will be delivered independently from MPLAB X IDE starting in version 5.30 by moving to a Device File Pack (DFP) system
    • A DFP can be applied to MPLAB X IDE version 5.30 or 5.35 to extend the life of the IDE for 32-bit operating systems
      • Not all devices added by a Device File Pack are guaranteed to work in these versions of the IDE

Now Evaluate SAM MCUs with MPLAB X IDE v5.10 with Beta Support

Want to evaluate Microchip’s SAM microcontrollers, but don't have time to learn a new ecosystem? Now users of the MPLAB ecosystem can evaluate Microchip’s 32-bit SAM devices through their favorite development tools with the release of MPLAB X IDE version 5.10. In addition, this version of our popular IDE fully supports all Microchip PIC and dsPIC microcontrollers as it always has. MPLAB X IDE version 5.10 gives beta support for:

  • SAM E70/S70/V71 and SAM D21/C21 microcontrollers with beta support of Xplained board on-board debugging for these families
  • SAM E5X/D5X MCU families, but without Xplained on-board debug support

In addition to IDE support for SAM devices, debugging and compiling can be completed for SAM devices with this list of development tools:

To view a complete listing of support, see the MPLAB X IDE Device Support List found in the documentation tab below.

Get started with your evaluation of SAM microcontrollers by either starting a project in Atmel START and importing it into MPLAB X IDE, or start right away inside MPLAB X IDE.


Want MPLAB X IDE on the go? Meet the Cloud based MPLAB Xpress IDE

The award-winning MPLAB® Development Environment is now more portable than ever! Simply navigate to mplabxpress.microchip.com from any compatible internet browser, and enjoy the streamlined MPLAB Xpress IDE without any downloads or installation.