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Scalable Performance, memory density and power efficiency based on
ARM® Cortex® M4 Microcontrollers

Based on the powerful ARM® Cortex®-M4 core, the Microchip® | SMART SAM4S series extends the Microchip Cortex-M portfolio to offer:

  • Increased performance and power efficiency
  • Higher memory densities: up to 2MB of Flash, with dual bank capability,  and 160KB of SRAM
  • And a rich peripheral set for connectivity, system control and analog interfacing.

Devices are pin-to-pin and software compatible with current SAM3 Cortex-M3 processor-based microcontrollers (MCUs), offering a smooth upwards migration path for performance and memory size.


Key Features

  • Improved Performance Level — Built around the ARM-based Cortex-M4 core, the SAM4S operates at 120MHz and integrates Microchip's Flash read accelerator and optional cache memory to increase system performance. The SAM4S features a multi-layer bus matrix, multi-channel direct memory access (DMA) and distributed memory to support high data rate communication.
  • Low Power Consumption — The SAM4S series achieves 200µA/MHz in dynamic mode at a low operating frequency; 30mA at 120MHz; and 1µA at 1.8V in back-up mode with the real-time clock (RTC) running. Offering some of the best power consumption/performance rates on the market for standby mode, the SAM4S reaches 120MHz+ operating frequency with a RAM retention mode below 25µA.
  • Safety and Security — Integrated best-in-class hardware code protection:
    • Prevents access to on-chip memory to protect your intellectual property (IP).
    • Supports secure device reconditioning (chip erase) for reprogramming.
    • A unique 128-bit ID and scrambled external bus interface ensure software confidentiality while the hardware cyclic redundancy check (CRC) checks memory integrity.
  • Ease of Use — Accelerate your development cycle with Microchip Studio 6, a seamless, easy-to-use integrated development environment (IDE). Available free of charge, the IDE comes with hundreds of ARM project examples with source code that can streamline your design process. Get a jump-start on your design with dedicated evaluation kits and software packages. For rapid evaluation and code development, Microchip and industry-leading third parties provide a full range of development tools, real-time operating system (RTOS), middleware and support services to reduce time to market.