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PIC32MM Family of eXtreme Low Power (XLP), Low Cost, 32-bit Microcontrollers

The PIC32MM family consisting of the GPL and GPM series is Microchip’s lowest-power and most cost-effective family of 32-bit PIC32 microcontrollers. The PIC32MM XLP family of devices bridges the gap between our popular PIC24F XLP and PIC32MX families. For applications demanding increased connectivity with longer battery life and small form factors, the PIC32MM devices offer sleep modes under < 700 nA and packages as small as 4 × 4 mm. Designed to offload the CPU and increase efficiency, the PIC32MM family features a rich set of core independent peripherals, such as a Hardware DMA, CRC Engine, Hardware Real-Time Clock and Calendar (RTCC), Configurable Logic Cells (CLC) and Multiple-output Capture Compare PWMs (MCCPs) making this family ideal for a wide variety of low power and USB applications. In addition, this family also takes advantage of the microAptiv™ UC core that uses compact microMIPS™ instructions and a shadow register set enabling a 79 CoreMark™ score at 25 MHz. The microMIPS ISA combines 16-bit and 32-bit instructions for compact code size reducing flash usage. These devices are supported by Microchip’s MPLAB® Code Configurator (MCC) and MPLAB® Xpress Cloud-based IDE to help accelerate and simplify designs. For additional information on the PIC32MM GPL and GPM series, please see below:

Migration Guide

Are you migrating your design from another microcontroller platform? If so, the PIC32MM Migration Guide will help ease your transition. Sign up below to receive your free copy of the migration guide today.

PIC32MM0064GPL036 FamilyPIC32MM0256GPM064 Family
Key Attributes
ECC Program Flash (KB)16-6464-256
RAM (KB)4-816-32
Pin Count20-3628-64
eXtreme Low power - Sleep Mode with RAM retention500 nA650 nA
Core Independent PeripheralsADC, Comparators, RTCC, WDT, Configurable Logic Cells (CLC), Flexible PWMs / IC / OC / Timers - MCCP & SCCP, CRCADC, Comparators, RTCC, WDT, Configurable Logic Cells (CLC), Flexible PWMs / IC / OC / Timers - MCCP & SCCP, CRC
Hardware DMA with Automatic Data Size DetectionNo4-Channel DMA
Analog Integration10/12 bit ADC, DAC, Comparators10/12 bit ADC, DAC, Comparators
Packages20-pin: QFN, SSOP
28-pin: UQFN(4x4), QFN(6x6), SOIC, SSOP, SPDIP
36-pin: QFN(6x6)
40-pin: UQFN(5x5) with 36 I/O
28-pin: UQFN(4x4), QFN(6x6), SSOP
36-pin: QFN(6x6)
40-pin: UQFN(5x5) with 36 I/O
48-pin: UQFN(6x6), TQFP(7x7)
64-pin: QFN(9x9), TQFP(10x10)
Development Tools and Software
Development ToolsPIC32MM0064GPL036 Plug-In Module
PIC32MM0256GPM064 Plug-In Module
 PIC32MM Curiosity Development Board
PIC32MM USB Curiosity Development Board
 Explorer 16/32 Development Board (DM240001-2)Explorer 16/32 Development Board (DM240001-2)
 Cost Effective 32-bit BLDC Motor Control with PIC32MM 
MPLAB Code Configurator (MCC) supportYesYes
MPLAB Xpress IDE SupportYesYes
FreeRTOS Support Yes Yes
Family DatasheetPIC32MM0064GPL036 Family Data SheetPIC32MM0256GPM064 Family Data Sheet
PIC32MM Family Sell SheetPIC32MM Family Sell SheetPIC32MM Family Sell Sheet
Target Applications
 Low Power / Wireless — IoT Sensor Nodes; Connected Thermostats; Environmental Monitoring; Remote Controls; Portable Medical Devices
Consumer — Game Consoles; Home Healthcare; Fitness Devices
Industrial Control — Building Automation; Heating Controls; Lighting Controls
Low-Cost Motor Control — White Goods; Table-top Appliances
Entertainment/Gaming Industry -USB digital audio noise cancellation headsets, Gaming controllers, USB power delivery management, Drone controllers
IoT Sensor Nodes - Environmental monitoring, Sensor control, Smart remotes
Portable Medical Instruments - Home healthcare, Fitness devices
Automation Control Applications - Smart locks, Smart garage door openers, Home security control panels
Low-Cost Motor Control - White goods, Tabletop appliances