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Innovative Peripherals

Functional Overview

PIC24 and dsPIC33 products include a robust set of integrated peripherals for a wide variety of applications including low power, high-performance embedded, motor control, digital power conversion and safety critical applications covering automotive, industrial control, IoT and portable medical markets. This high level of integration helps to reduce design cost and time, allowing designers to customize and differentiate their end products.

The 16-bit family offers key communication and control peripherals like USB, SPI, UART, CAN 2.0, CAN FD, I2C, high-resolution SMPS/MC PWMs and Timers, as well as specialized peripherals for graphics, motor control and digital power control. With integrated precision analog peripherals, you can integrate analog functions such as high-performance ADCs, DACs and op amps / programmable gain amplifiers into your applications providing simple-to-use interfaces that ease analog design.

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Core Independent Peripherals ( CIPs) are designed to handle their tasks with no supervision from the CPU, offloading the core to accomplish other tasks or operate in Sleep or other low power modes to save energy.  In addition, core independent peripherals such as CLC, PTG and crypto enable higher levels of integration and flexibility. Low-power CIPs can perform extremely complex tasks, such as cryptography and event monitoring.

The MPLAB Code Configurator (MCC) tool accelerates development time by providing a quick and intuitive way to set-up system parameters, peripheral drivers and pin assignments.

This robust set of 16-bit PIC® peripherals and extensive development environment results in the simplified implementation of complex control systems and give designers the flexibility to innovate.

Flexible Integrated Peripherals

Integrated Analog

Sensor Interfacing
& Signal Conditioning.
High-precision analog peripherals for
simplified design.



XLP devices feature
low sleep currents
with flexible
wake-up sources



Integrated HW crypto
engine for secure data
transfer reducing
SW overhead and
processing bandwidth


Clocks and Timers

Signal measurement
with timing and
counter control


Waveform Control

PWM drive and waveform
generation with
ADCs for light control
loops needed in
digital power conversion
and LED or HID
lighting applications


Wired Communication

Supporting a wide
range of communication



Cap touch sensing and
LCD control for driving
segment or graphical
displays with a single chip


Safety and Monitoring

Hardware monitoring
and fault detection with
enhanced robustness
and noise immunity
with 5V operation
support for temps
up to 150°C

16-bit Video Channel