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1D Touch - Buttons, Sliders, Wheels and Proximity

Microchip is your one-stop shop for touch - buttons, sliders, wheels and proximity for any touch sensitive device.


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Microchip is  a long term player and constant innovator in touch.  Find your proven touch solution in our turnkey touch products or in our touch libraries for all of Microchip's MCU platforms - PIC, AVR and SAM, from 8 to 32 bit.  MCU's on all platforms features touch modules to ease usage, offload the core and to drive touch performance.

  • Dedicated touch function
  • Shortest time to market
  • Most flexible
  • Touch library (FW)
  • IDE with touch GUI

Hot don't Touch
Touch is going outdoor - water tolerance is becoming an important requirement for touch.  At the same time the expectations of touch users are rising.  It is expected to use touch keys and pads with wet fingers...water tolerant touch is not a niche requirement but essential for close to every touch design.

Microchip and our products are best prepared to meet these requirements
  • Turnkey products supports water tolerant touch
  • mTouch and QTouch libraries support water tolerant touch
  • Latest and all future PIC and AVR MCU's features dedicated HW to drive water tolerance

Learn much and more on our technology pages about water tolerant touch.


Design Flexibility
  • Works through glass, plastics, wood,
  • Dedicated solutions for touch on metal (Metal over Cap - MoC)
  • Water tolerant and waterproof designs
  • Glove support
  • Support for braille marking
Robust and Proven
  • Decades of experience and expertise at Microchip
  • Dedicated Touch modules on all MCU platforms
  • Reliable performance under noise, humidity, temperature and water
Industry broadest portfolio
  • MCUs + touch library:
    • PIC 8-bit, 16-bit & 32-bit
    • AVR 8-bit
    • SAM 32-bit
  • Turnkey touch solutions
  • Safety certified Turnkey and touch library solutions (IEC/UL 60730 Safety class B)
  • Consumer, white goods - Appliances, wearable, industrial and automotive solutions
  • Dedicated proximity solutions
  • Up to 100+ touch inputs
  • I2C, SPI, UART, USB, SMBus or CAN communication
All known use cases for touch are covered
Microchip's touch solution portfolio covers every known use case for touch, including:
  • Lower power touch
  • Touch on Metal (MoC)
  • Water tolerance touch
  • Touch on wearable devices
  • Automotive touch
  • Effortless Replacement of mechanical buttons
  • Touch in high noise environments
    • IEC61000, EFT and BCI tested
    • Certified to meet EN, IEC 60730 class B for use in harsh environments
  • Safety Certified Touch  (IEC/UL 60730 Safety class B)
  • Small packages (2x3 DFN or CSP) as well as production cost optimized SOIC



Touch Turnkey Products
  • Product families:
    • CAP1xxx / MTCH10x / AT42QTxxx
  • Speed boat touch implementation
  • Fixed function devices
  • Simple GUI configuration
  • Shortening your TTM
  • High performance
    • High noise robustness
    • Support for water tolerant touch
    • Safety Certified Touch  (IEC/UL 60730 Safety class B)


Touch Library Solution - Touch on MCU
  • For all MCUs - 8/16/32 bit
    • AVR / PIC / SAM
  • IDEs with integrated touch support
    • AVR/SAM: Studio 7+ QTouch composer
    • PIC: MPLab X + MCC
  • Web Tools for all MCUs
  • full flexibility
  • touch APIs to reduce development time
  • Touch libraries and the IDEs enable you to use decades of touch expertise in your design


Product Overview
All listed MCUs feature dedicated touch peripherals.
Touch Basic

What is a Capacitor?

  • Two electrically isolated conductors close to
    one another
  • Conductors can be wires, PCB traces or even the human body
  • Hand moving in close proximity of a conductor creates capacitance
What is a capacitor

Capacitive Touch

Increase in capacitance is produced with the introduction of a touch from the user

  • Very simple construction
  • Proximity sensor
Capacitive touch
Touch Libraries
A touch library enables you to focus on your essential application code - the burden of writing actual code to assess touch is removed.  Not only will your product development become faster.  At the same time you'll benefit from decades of touch experience - just by using theMicrochip touch libraries.

Microchip offers two touch libraries:
  • mTouch for PIC platform
  • QTouch for AVR & SAM
You're free to choose your preferred MCU platform.

The touch libraries are developed for lean code, highest performance and ease of use.   Regardless of the chosen platform you'll enjoy proven and reliable code.

Water Tolerant Touch
Touch on Metal - MoC

Pressing the Two Plates Closer Will Increase the Capacitance

  • Sense through metal
  • Completely waterproof
  • Glove friendly

The Key Advantages of mTouch® Metal Over Cap Technology Are:

  • In addition to plastic and glass, senses through stainless steel, aluminum and more
  • Completely waterproof
  • Glove friendly
  • Can differentiate a soft touch from a hard touch
  • Allows braille implementation
  • Uses the same hardware and software as capacitive touch

Mechanical Construction

  • The only difference is the introduction of a spacer layer to allow the deflection of the front panel

Getting Started:

Metal Over Cap

Metal Over Cap