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Microchip's Battery Management Solutions

Depends on Battery Chemistry, Microchip offers a broad array of Battery Management Solutions which feature small package sizes, high-efficiency, low standby power, accuracy and versatility solutions to solve these portable power conversion challenges.

Single-Chip Battery Charging and Management for Lithium Ion

The MCP73871 device is a 1A fully integrated linear solution for system load sharing and Li-Ion/Li-Polymer battery charge management with AC-DC wall adapter and USB port power sources selection. It’s also capable of autonomous power source selection between input and battery. The MCP73871 device employs a constant current/constant voltage (CC/CV) charge algorithm with selectable charge termination point. The constant voltage regulation is fixed with four available options: 4.10V, 4.20V, 4.35V and 4.40V.

Mixed-Signal PIC® Microcontroller Based Solutions

The PIC16F785 Flash Microcontroller offers all of the advantages of the well-recognized mid-range x14 architecture with standardized features including a wide operating voltage of 2.0-5.5 Volts, on-board EEPROM Data Memory and nanoWatt Technology. Analog peripherals include up to 12 channels of 10-bit A/D, two operation amplifiers, two high-speed analog comparators and a Bandgap Voltage Reference. Digital peripherals include a standard Capture/Compare/PWM (CCP) module, a two-phase PWM with asynchronous feedback, a 16-bit timer and two 8-bit timers.

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