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Develop Smart IoT Devices with Our SAM D21 Curiosity Nano Evaluation Kit and Amazon’s Alexa Connect Kit (ACK)

Quickly build Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled smart devices controlled by Amazon’s Alexa service via voice commands and mobile applications. The combination of Amazon’s Alexa Connect Kit (ACK) and our SAM D21 Curiosity Nano Evaluation Kit provides an easy, cost-effective solution to bring your product to market rapidly.

ACK is a managed service that makes it easy to integrate Alexa into your product. It eliminates the need to create an Alexa skill, manage a cloud service or develop complex network and security firmware to connect your product to Alexa. You simply pay a one-time fixed cost to integrate the ACK module into your product and provide your customers with an exceptional voice-controlled user interface.

The SAM D21 is a low-power 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M0+ based Host Microcontroller (HMCU) that is ideal for use in a wide range of home automation, consumer, metering and industrial applications. Its key features include:

  • Flexible package options ranging from 32–64 pins
  • 256 KB Flash and 32 KB SRAM
  • Maximum operating frequency of 48 MHz
  • Flexible SERCOM modules and intelligent peripherals such as an Event System for inter-peripheral signaling without using CPU bandwidth
  • Supported by MPLAB® Harmony v3 software framework and MPLAB X Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for rapid prototyping

Use These Tools to Get Started with Your Voice-Enabled Project

SAM D21 Curiosity Nano Evaluation Kit

Part Number: DM320119

Featuring a SAMD21G17D MCU, the SAM D21 Curiosity Nano Evaluation Kit is a low-cost solution for taking your 32-bit embedded application from proof of concept to production. It features a virtual COM port (CDC) for serial communication to a host PC and a Data Gateway Interface (DGI) GPIO. Because it includes an on-board Nano Debugger, no external tools are necessary to program the MCU.

Curiosity Nano Base for Click boards™

Part Number: AC164162

Expand the features and functionality of your design with the Curiosity Nano Base for Click boards™. This base board is compatible with the SAM D21 Curiosity Nano Evaluation Kit and it contains three on-board mikroBUS™ sockets that allow you to easily add MikroElektronika Click boards or Xplained Pro boards to your project.

USI MT7697H Development Kit for Alexa Connect Kit

This ACK development kit by USI includes a development board with an integrated Mediatek WM-BN-MT-52-based ACK module and a sample HMCU. You can use the development kit and the SAM D21 Curiosity Nano Evaluation Kit, which acts as the device, along with the demo applications listed below, to start developing new applications quickly. Download the SAM D21 ACK SDK port and sample applications. Refer to the SAM D21 Amazon Alexa Connect Kit User Guide for more details.

  • Hello World: Turn the device on and off
  • Smart Light: Control a smart light (LED0) on the device
  • Microwave: Control a microwave oven
  • Dash Replenishment: Reorder favorite products from Amazon
  • OTA Bootloader:  Enable Over-the-Air (OTA) firmware updates