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Automotive Power Management Products

Managing power for your automotive electronic control solution involves two key factors: regulating the supply voltage on the input side and efficiently driving loads on the output side. We offer a vast array of linear and switching regulator products that enable you to develop power-saving, flexible and protected solutions. To drive motors, actuators and other loads, we offer power MOSFET and motor drivers that can withstand the rigorous automotive environment.

PWM Controllers

You can use dedicated power controller chips to add efficiency, flexibility and robustness to your high-power automotive applications. External MOSFETs can withstand higher voltages, avalanche events, load dump transients or reverse battery events, and the controllers provide additional protections with over-voltage and under-voltage lockouts. In safety-critical applications, integrated or independent microcontrollers (MCUs) can manage these systems to provide diagnostic functions or tracking telemetry or to simplify the creation of functionally safe board designs.

Switching Regulators

Switching regulators, commonly called DC/DC converters, are the most efficient devices to convert from one DC voltage to another. We offer a wide portfolio of  efficient and compact, non-isolated DC/DC converters, controllers and modules, that range from single outputs to Power Management ICs (PMICs) with multiple outputs.  


Charge Pump DC-to-DC Converters

Charge pump ICs are simple and low-cost solutions for boosting voltage under light load conditions in small, battery-operated and other low-power applications. Unlike boost converters, charge pump ICs can operate without inductors, diodes or other external components and require only a few capacitors for energy storage. This reduces costs and saves board space in your automotive design.


CPU/System Supervisors

Voltage supervisors are commonly used to monitor the voltage rail of Switched Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) and MCUs or microprocessors (MPUs) in a system. We have a large portfolio of voltage supervisor ICs that includes push-buttons, watchdog timers, time delay supervisors and voltage detectors.


MOSFETs, switches and relays can be used to control different under-hood and in-cabin automotive functions. In electrified vehicles, these drivers can also provide interfaces between digital controllers and power devices, including Gallium Nitride (GaN) and Silicon Carbide (SiC) power transistors, to create efficient, intelligent power management solutions for bus balancing, battery charging and other high-power vehicle modules. These solutions offer precise transition delays, fast transitions and accurate thresholds to make it easy to design high-quality automotive modules.

Low Dropout Regulators

Our automotive-grade Low Dropout (LDO) voltage regulators, available with  up to 120V input and fixed or adjustable single to multiple outputs, are qualified to perform under the most severe environments. Additional features include shutdown, power-good and load-dump protections.