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Scalable, High-Performance Processing Units for Harsh Environments

For more than three decades, we have been providing leading-edge, highly integrated aerospace and defense solutions for a wide variety of space, aviation, military  and harsh-environment applications. We adapt our latest innovative commercial devices, such as 8-bit AVR® microcontrollers (MCUs), 16-bit dsPIC® Digital  Signal Controllers (DSCs) and SAM Arm® core-based MCUs and microprocessors (MPUs), to provide radiation-hardened (rad-hard), radiation-tolerant (rad-tolerant) and high-reliability (high-rel) versions with proven, long-term reliability. This portfolio of solutions will reduce your costs, speed up your time to market and improve the performance of your critical systems.

Find the Right Solution for Your Design

Rad-Hard MCUs and MPUs

With an unrivaled flight heritage in space applications using our SPARC® processor-based MPUs, we are meeting the advanced requirements of a new generation of space applications with our Arm® Cortex® core-based rad-hard solutions.

  • AT697F SPARC v8 based processor
  • SAMRH71F20 Arm Cortex-M7 based MCU

Rad-Tolerant MCUs and MPUs

Our rad-tolerant portfolio is based on our widely deployed commercial AVR, SAM and dsPIC devices. Featuring proven and industry-leading cores and peripherals, these rad-tolerant devices are robust against radiation effects and insure latch up immunity and non-destruction in critical environments.

  • ATmegaS128 8-bit AVR-based MCU
  • ATmegaS64M1 8-bit AVR-based MCU
  • SAMV71Q21RT Arm Cortex-M7 based MCU
  • SAM3X8ERT Arm Cortex-M3 based MCU

High-Reliability MCUs and MPUs

We offer high-reliability MCUs and MPUs with extended temperatures of up to −55°C to +125°C. These products are selected for their maturity and their wide and successful deployment in  the automotive and industrial markets.

  • ATmegaET128 8-bit AVR-based MCU
  • ATmegaET64M1 8-bit AVR-based MCU
  • dsPIC33EP128GS808-ET dsPIC33-based DSC
  • SAMV71Q21ET Arm Cortex-M7 based MCU

Scalable Solutions for Missions with Different Radiation Requirements

Take advantage of the benefits of the first Arm core-based microcontrollers that combine the low-cost and large ecosystem benefits of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) technology with space-qualified versions that offer scalable levels of radiation performance. These solutions will allow you to prototype on a less-expensive COTS device before implementing your design with a space-grade component, reducing your development time and costs.

Resources to Help You Get Started with Your MCU-/MPU-Based Design

Powering MCUs and MPUs

Find out how you can use our power management solutions to reduce the total footprint size of your MCU- or MPU-based design, maximize power density and save valuable PCB space.

Powering MCUs and MPUs

Create flexible and powerful MCU- or MPU-based systems using our crystal, MEMS oscillator and multiple-output clock generator.

MCU and MPU Design Resources

These evaluation boards are available to support your development of aerospace and defense applications using our MCUs and MPUs:

SAMRH71F20 Evaluation Kit

The SAMRH71F20-EK Evaluation Kit is the hardware platform to evaluate the SAMRH71F20 MCU and its aerospace-specific set of features. It is supported by MPLAB®  X Integrated Development Environment, Microchip Studio and other commercially available development environments.

SAM V71 Xplained Ultra Evaluation Kit

The SAM V71 Xplained Ultra Evaluation Kit is ideal for evaluating and prototyping with the SAMV71Q21RT and SAMV71Q21ET MCUs. It includes an on-board debugger, so no external tools are necessary to program or debug the MCU. It is supported by Microchip Studio Integrated Development Environment.

Software Development Tools

Visit our Embedded Software Center to explore a variety of software solutions, libraries, code examples and other design resources that are designed to speed up your project’s development.

Explore These MCU and MPU Applications and Examples

Other MCU and MPU Devices

8-bit MCUs

PIC® and AVR microcontrollers help you to easily bring your ideas to life, no matter your skill level. Pick from our broad portfolio of uniquely configurable MCUs and start designing quickly using our award-winning integrated development environments with production-ready code generation tools and best-in-class rapid prototyping hardware.

16-bit MCUs and DSCs

PIC24 MCUs and dsPIC DSCs deliver high performance, low power consumption, flexible peripherals and a complete ecosystem of software and hardware tools to simplify your development and speed up your time to market.


32-bit MCUs

Differentiate your design with our 32-bit microcontrollers that provide the performance and functional capabilities to meet the requirements of countless applications. Our broad and scalable portfolio of devices gives you many features and options to create innovative products. Accelerate your development with our comprehensive and easy-to-use integrated development environment.

32-bit MPUs

Find the right performance, low-power options and advanced security capabilities for your application with our 32-bit microprocessors that offer a broad set of peripherals and interfaces to enhance your design. Effortlessly move through the hardware development process by using the available development boards, MPLAB X Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and third-party tools and support.

Parametric Chart

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Product CPU Max Operating Freq (MHz) Operating Voltage TID - Total Ionizing Dose SEL - Single Event Latchup
AT697F Leon2-FT - Sparc V8 100 1.8V Core / 3.3V IO 300 kRad >95 MeV.cm2 /mg
AT7913E Leon2-FT - Sparc V8 50 1.8V Core / 3.3V IO 300 kRad >95 MeV.cm2 /mg
AT7991 Leon2-FT - Sparc V8 87 1.8V Core / 3.3V IO 300 kRad >62.5 MeV.cm2 /mg
SAMRH71 arm Cortex M7 100 1.8V Core / 3.3V IO 100 kRad >62.5 MeV.cm2 /mg
View All Parametrics
Product CPU Max Operating Freq (MHz) Operating Voltage Total Ionizing Dose (TID) Single Event Latchup (SEL)
ATmegaS128 AVR 8-bit 8 3.3V 30 kRad >62.5 MeV.cm2 /mg
ATmegaS64M1 AVR 8-bit 8 3.3V 30 kRad >62.5 MeV.cm2 /mg
SAM3X8ERT arm® Cortex®-M3 84 3.3V 30 kRad >62.5 MeV.cm2 /mg
SAMV71Q21RT arm® Cortex®-M7 300 3.3V 30 kRad >62.5 MeV.cm2 /mg
View All Parametrics
Product Max Operating Freq (MHz) Flash (Kbytes) Operating Voltage Temp Min (°C) Temp Max (°C)
ATmegaET128 8 128 3.3V -55 125
ATmegaET64M1 8 64 3.3V -55 125
dsPIC33EP128GS808-ET 120 128 3.3V -55 125
SAMV71Q21ET 300 2048 3.3V -55 125

Using the LX7720 and SAMRH71 for Motor Control Applications in Space

This video demonstrates using the LX7720 Rad Hard Motor Control IC with the SAMRH71 Rad Hard Arm MPU for satellite motor control and position sensing applications. Key features of each component are given along with a description of the evaluation system using the LX7720-DB daughter board with the SAMRH71F20-EK evaluation kit.