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Our portfolio of synchronization and timing systems supports today's precise timing standards, including GPS-based timing, IEEE® 1588 Precise Time Protocol (PTP), Network Time Protocol (NTP), Synchronous Ethernet and DOCSIS® timing. These end-to-end timing solutions are engineered to solve your most difficult network timing challenges. 

Featured Products

TimeProvider® 4100 Version 2.2

TimeProvider 4100 is a best-in-class IEEE 1588 grandmaster with extensive port fanout for PTP, NTP, SyncE and legacy ports such as E1/T1, 10 MHz, ToD and 1 pps. TimeProvider 4100 is a family of devices that offers a choice of oscillators, expansion modules (E1/T1 or 10GE/1GE) and operation modes. Operation Modes are configurations with specific capabilities, all based on the same device, which can act as a:

  • Gateway Clock
  • High-Performance Boundary Clock
  • Enhanced Primary Reference Time Clock (ePRTC)

TimeProvider 4100 v2.2 expands on three key core capabilities that are necessary for operators of critical infrastructure:

  • Redundancy via a software schema and direct Ethernet connections between two units
  • Resiliency with new GNSS multiband support as well as a new super OCXO oscillator option for enhanced holdover and timekeeping
  • Security via new TACACS+ and RADIUS authentication mechanisms as well as additional anti-jamming and anti-spoofing measures

TimeProvider 4100 is a key element of the virtual PRTC (vPRTC) end-to-end solution composed of Cesium atomic clocks, BlueSky™ GNSS Firewall, TimeProvider 4100 ePRTC, TimeProvider 4100 chain of high-performance boundary clocks, TimeProvider 4100 gateway clocks and TimePictra® Synchronization and Management System.

BlueSky™ Technology Now Inside the SyncServer S600/S650 Time Server

The new SyncServer with BlueSky technology detects GPS jamming and spoofing re­lated anomalies in real-time to protect essential time and frequency outputs. When unexpected changes are detect­ed and trust is compromised, alarms are sent and the BlueSky detectors respond to protect the ongoing integrity of the SyncServer’s timing operations.

  • Protection from localized GPS jamming and spoofing
  • Automatic failover to alternative time sources or holdover on alarm
  • Graphical tools for site survey, historical performance and event analysis 

BlueSky™ GNSS Firewall – Software Release 2.0

The BlueSky GNSS Firewall is a cost-effective overlay solution that is installed between existing Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) antennas and GPS systems. Similar to a network firewall, the BlueSky GNSS Firewall protects already-deployed GPS systems inside the firewall from untrusted, sky-based signals outside the firewall. Software Release 2.0 includes charting and advanced threshold settings of GNSS observables such as satellites-in-view, carrier-to-noise, position dispersion, phase time deviation and Radio Frequency (RF) power level to simplify system turn-up and deployment.

  • Protects GPS systems from spoofing and jamming
  • Hardened GPS output provides secure signal that is isolated from live-sky interference
  • Optional internal Miniature Atomic Clock (MAC) for extended holdover and enhanced detection
  • Seamless integration of BlueSky performance monitoring within TimePictra® software suite

TimePictra® Synchronization Monitoring and Management System

Reliable packet-based networks require powerful, dependable and intelligent management tools. The TimePictra software suite provides control and visibility of the entire end-to-end synchronization network including the virtual Primary Reference Time Clock (vPRTC).

  • Web-based multi-tier software architecture
  • Intuitive web Graphical User Interface (GUI) for easy management
  • Scalable architecture for future expansion
  • Northbound Operations Support System (OSS) integration
  • End-to-end Precision Time Protocol (PTP) management

Featured Applications

 Virtual Primary Reference Time Clock

The virtual Primary Reference Time Clock (vPRTC) is a highly secure and resilient network-based timing architecture that has been developed to meet the expanding needs of modern critical infrastructures. It blends proven timing technologies into a centralized and protected source location and then uses commercial fiber optic network links and advanced IEEE® 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) boundary clocks to distribute 100 ns PRTC timing where it is needed in end points that might be hundreds of kilometers away.

Virtual Primary Reference Time Clock Architecture