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Upgrade the Performance in Your Real-World and Time-Critical Designs

Motor control, digital power, safety-critical and high-performance embedded applications come with an array of design challenges. You might need to implement high-precision variable speed in a motor control application or high-speed control loop execution in a power conversion application. Your design may need functional safety compliance, or your industrial automation application may require math-intensive functions. To address these real-world design requirements, you need a high-performance solution that provides the processing power of a Digital Signal Controller (DSC) and the design simplicity of a microcontroller (MCU).

The high-performance dsPIC33C family of DSCs features the dsPIC33 “C” core with a Digital Signal Processing (DSP) engine, expanded context-selected registers to reduce interrupt latency, new instructions to accelerate DSP performance, tightly coupled peripherals, and faster execution to enable complex, high-speed control loop implementation. Offering 100 MIPS performance, the dsPIC33C family of DSCs provides a path for users of dsPIC33E and dsPIC33F DSCs to develop more sophisticated applications.

Target Applications

dsPIC33C devices are optimized for high-performance embedded, digital power, motor control and robust applications implementing sophisticated algorithms such as wireless power, server power supplies, drones, and automotive sensors.

Measurement Control and High-Performance Embedded

The dsPIC33C family offers a high-performance core ideal for implementing math-intensive functions and a rich set of peripherals designed to meet  the needs of demanding high-performance embedded applications.

Robust Designs and Functional Safety

With its robust, fast and deterministic performance and dedicated hardware features, the dsPIC33C family addresses safety-critical design requirements to create applications that conform to functional safety standards.

Motor Control

Use the dsPIC33C family’s innovative motor control Pulse-Width Modulators (PWMs) with complementary waveforms, dedicated time bases and fast 12-bit Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs) for applications that require variable speed with constant torque and Field-Oriented Control for greater efficiency.

Digital Power Conversion

The dsPIC33C family contains dedicated peripherals including advanced analog and multiple high-resolution PWM generators optimized for a variety of digital power conversion and lighting applications to achieve improved efficiency over widely varying load conditions.

dsPIC33C DSC Product Portfolio

  Measurement Control and High-Performance Embedded Robust Designs and Functional Safety
Motor Control Digital Power Conversion

Dual-Core DSCs
90+100 MIPS

dsPIC33CH 'MP' Family
Dual CAN FD, Functional Safety Ready

Single-Core DSCs
100 MIPS

dsPIC33CK 'MP' Family
CAN FD, Functional Safety Ready
dsPIC33CK 'MC' Family
Cost-effective, Functional Safety Ready

Dual-Core and Single-Core Flexibility

The dual-core dsPIC33CH has one core designed to function as master while the other functions as a slave. The slave core is used for executing dedicated, time-critical control code while the master core is busy running the user interface, system monitoring, and communications functions that are customized for your end application. The dsPIC33CH facilitates independent code development for each core by separate software teams and later enables seamless integration when brought together in one chip. If your design doesn’t require the dual cores, the cost-effective, single-core dsPIC33CK family offers the same high-performance core and peripherals as the dsPIC33CH family.

Ease Your Functional Safety Certification

These DSCs are also designed to ease functional safety certification required by many automotive, industrial and appliance applications where safe operation and shutdown in failure situations are critical. The devices include integrated functional safety features such as RAM Built-In Self-Test (BIST) for checking RAM health and functionality, Deadman Timer (DMT) for monitoring the health of application software through periodic timer interrupts within a specified timing window, Dual Watchdog Timers (WDTs), Flash Error Correction Code (ECC), Brown Out Reset (BOR), Power on Reset (POR) and Fail Safe Clock Monitor (FSCM). Supporting an extended temperature range of −40°C to +150°C, they are also AEC Q100 Grade-0 compliant. These devices simplify functional safety (ISO 26262, IEC 61508 and IEC 60730) compliance for ASIL-B, ASIL-C, SIL-2 and Class B focused applications. Our device-specific ecosystem for functional safety readiness includes the Failure Modes, Effects, Diagnostic Analysis (FMEDA), Functional Safety Manual and Safety Diagnostic Library, all of which are shared under NDA.

Innovative Peripherals

Learn more about our rich set of high-performance peripherals that integrate seamlessly with your application to reduce costs and development time.

Integrated Analog

High-speed ADC, DAC, PGA, Op Amps

Clocks and Timers

16-/32-bit Timers, RTCC

Waveform Control


Wired Communication


Safety and Monitoring


Featured Development Tools

The MPLAB development ecosystem is a single tool chain supporting all PIC® microcontrollers and dsPIC® Digital Signal Controllers.

MPLAB X Integrated Development Environment

A single Integrated Development Environment (IDE) supporting all PIC MCUs and dsPIC33 DSCs

MPLAB Code Configurator

A free graphical programming environment that generates seamless, easy-to-understand C code

MPLAB XC Compiler

A comprehensive solution for your software development that integrates with MPLAB X IDE to provide a full graphical front end

Featured Hardware Tools

Our most popular hardware development boards available for dsPIC33 products are shown below. To learn more about various development boards, please visit the Hardware Development Tools page.

dsPIC33CH/CK Curiosity Development Boards

Ready-to-start development and demonstration platform for dsPIC33CH and dsPIC33CK DSCs with integrated programmer/debugger


dsPICDEM™ MCLV-2 Development Board

Cost-effective board for developing sensored or sensorless Brushless DC (BLDC) and Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) control applications

dsPIC33C Digital Power Starter Kit

Starter kit to introduce and demonstrate the capabilities and features of dsPIC33 Digital Power DSCs

dsPIC33C Digital Signal Controllers

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