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Design Check Online Design Review Services

Microchip’s Design Check Online Review is an exclusive and personalized value-added service that is available at no charge to customers who have selected our car access, EqcoLogic, Ethernet, MOST®, INICnet™ technology, USB, capacitive sensing, microprocessor (MPU), wireless and power management devices for their applications. Design Check supports your design flow by providing guidance through the complete cycle, from initial schematic capture to PCB layout. You can submit your design schematic, PCB layout and PCB routing information to a confidential and secure environment, where they are analyzed by Microchip engineers who will then provide you with personalized feedback.

We Offer These Specific Design Check Services:

CarAccessCheck Review

If your design uses any of our car access products, our application engineers will review your schematic, PCB layout, control software and device configuration to optimize your design.

Review My Car Access Design

EqcoCheck Review

Use this design review service for assistance with developing multi-Gigabit devices based on our EqcoLogic family of data and video transceiver solutions.

Review My EqcoLogic Design

INICnetCheck Review

This review service is recommended if you are designing INICnet technology devices based on UNICENS, INICs and companion ICs.

Review My INICnet Technology Design

LANCheck® Review

When you use any of our Ethernet devices in your design, a Microchip engineer will review your component selection, schematic and PCB design and layout to look for common mistakes. We will provide a detailed report with guidance based on this review.

Review My Ethernet Design

MOSTCheck Review

This design review service is recommended if you are designing MOST devices based on MOST NetServices, INICs and companion ICs.

Review My MOST Technology Design

MPUCheck Review

If you have chosen to use one of our 32-bit microprocessors, our engineers will review and provide guidance on the schematic, component selection and PCB layout of your design.

Review My MPU Design

PowerCheck Review

Our team of engineers will review and provide guidance on the schematic, component selection and PCB layout of your design that uses our power management devices.

Review My Power Design

TouchCheck Review

Whether you choose to use one of our turnkey touch solutions or our touch library running on a microcontroller (MCU), our team will review and provide guidance about the schematic and layout of your button, sliders, wheel and/or touchpad design.

Review My Touch Design

USBCheck™ Review

When you use any of our USB hubs, PHYs, card reader bridges, and USB Type-C®/Power Delivery controllers (see the full list of these products on the USB Products page) in your design, our engineers will review and provide guidance on those components within your schematic and PCB layout.

Review My USB Design

WirelessCheck Review

Our expert applications engineers will review and provide guidance on the schematic, PCB layout and RF testing of your wireless design that uses our wireless devices.

Review My Wireless Design

PoECheck Review

Via our interactive review process, our application engineering team will provide guidance on the schematic, component selection and PCB layout of your design that uses our Power over Ethernet PSE and PD devices.

Review My PoE Design

Ready to Get Started?

Instructions for Submitting a Design Check Request

Follow these steps to file a support ticket to use the Design Check Review Services:

  1. Navigate to the Microchip Support system at http://www.microchip.com/support.
  2. If you have an account, please login. If you do not have an account, please register for a myMicrochip account.
  3. Click on the “My Cases” menu item and then click the “New Case” button.
  4. Select “Value Added Service” as the Case Reason and then click the “Next” button.
  5. In the Subject box, enter a summary of your issue.
  6. In the Target Device box, start typing the device you wish to have checked. A listing will appear. Please select your device from this list and click “Next”.
  7. Select “Design Review” as the Category and then use the drop-down menu under Sub-Category to select the specific Design Check service you wish to use. Click the “Next” button.
  8. Please review the requirements noted in the information box on the right side of the form and then enter the details of your request in the Issue Description box. Click the “Next” button.
  9. Indicate your design stage and urgency using the drop-down menus. You may include additional details if you like. Click “Submit” and your support request ticket is logged.
  10. You will be contacted shortly regarding your request.
Design Check Design Support

Do You Need To Save Development Time?

While our regular Design Check service is free, it can take up to 12–15 days for you to receive the first feedback on your design. Available for just $100 per case, our FAST TRACK Design Check ensures that your case will be assigned more quickly to a dedicated Design Check engineer, who will typically provide you with feedback within 3–5 working days. This service is currently only available for our LANCheck review service and only for customers located in the Americas.