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Microchip delivers the industry’s broadest range of Bluetooth certified solutions for your embedded design. All silicon, modules and software carry the Bluetooth.org Qualified Design Identification (QDID) to ensure compatibility of your connected solution. Microchip's highly-integrated module solutions are self-contained, low-power, and fully-certified for designers seeking to develop wearable or IoT devices without any Bluetooth Low Energy IP Stack or RF experience.

Bluetooth 5

Bluetooth SIG’s newest specification, Bluetooth 5, is now supported by select Microchip devices. Microchip has re-certified current products to ensure that new and existing designs comply to this standard. To find Bluetooth 5 certified products, simply refer to the parametric list below or the product web page.

Ultra-Low Power

Microchip's BLE SoC and MCUs are optimized for battery-powered applications with a wide 1.8V to 4.3V voltage range and sub-1µA sleep current and sub-3mA / 4mA TX/RX current (@3.6V, 0dBm Pout). This results in ultra-low-power BLE advertising and connection events, with the industry’s lowest electric charge drawn from the battery for each event. This extends battery life by 2 to 4x compared to existing BLE solutions.


Ultra-Small Form Factor

Microchip's BLE SoC, MCU and modules are highly integrated and require few to no external components. Microchip offers the smallest BLE 4.1 SoC available in the market, measuring only 2.26 x 2.14 mm.

Target Applications

  • Battery-powered sensor devices
  • Wearables
  • Smart appliances
  • Health and fitness trackers
  • Home automation
  • Consumer electronics
  • Retail beacons
  • Asset tracking devices