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Power Monitoring

Derived from generations of innovation in the DC power monitoring, utility metering and Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) markets, our portfolio of high-performance single-phase, poly-phase, and DC power measurement solutions can tackle the evolving needs of your energy management and measurement applications. Our flexible and highly integrated solutions help you easily and cost-effectively develop applications for online and offline smart metering, SMPS, data centers, intelligent lighting and smart buildings.


  • High-accuracy measurement
  • Full family of single-phase and poly-phase solutions
  • Up to four voltage rail DC power monitoring
  • High-side power sensing for 40V applications

Looking for Solutions to Improve Your New Design?

AC Power Supplies

AC Power Supply

Key Features for Your Design:

  • 0.5% error over 4000:1 dynamic range
  • Monitoring of two or three power loads
  • Active, reactive, apparent power
  • High-performance eight-channel Analog Front End (AFE)

Target Applications:

  • Power monitoring for home automation
  • Real-time measurement of power supply input
  • Intelligent power distribution units
  • Intelligent lighting
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DC Power Monitoring

acdc power supplies

Key Features for Your Design:

  • One- to four-channel 16-bit monitoring
  • Current and voltage measured simultaneously
  • 16-bit resolution

Target Applications:

  • Cloud and Linux® servers
  • Networking
  • FPGA systems
  • Computing
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Smart Metering

smart meter

Key Features for Your Design:

  • 6000:1 dynamic range for improved performance
  • Single- and poly-phase solutions up to class 0.2 accuracy
  • ANSI C12.1, C12.20 IEC62052-11, IEC62053-22/23 support 

Target Applications:

  • Residential energy metering
  • Commercial energy metering
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Design Support to Simplify and Speed Up Your Development

When you choose our power monitoring solutions for your application, we support your development with a variety of demonstration and evaluation kits, reference designs, software and detailed documentation. If you need assistance along the way, you can use our Technical Support portal to discover helpful learning resources, use our forums to diagnose your issues or contact our experts to get answers to your questions.  

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