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High-Accuracy Sensors for Complex, Real-World Applications

Design Reliable Smart Systems with High-Precision, Small-Package Sensors

Are you building a system that needs to measure real-world data accurately and reliably to make intelligent, real-time decisions? Our large portfolio of sensors measure data from the analog world and deliver it to the digital world. These sensors feature high-accuracy, low-power performance, real-time protection, robust interfaces and compact packages to satisfy the requirements of industrial, automotive, consumer, data center and communications applications. Their high accuracy makes them an excellent choice for high-precision applications, while their small packages and low power consumption make them ideal for hand-held or battery-powered devices. Explore our different types of sensors to find the most cost-effective and space-saving option to suit your specific design requirements.

CO and Smoke Detector ICs

Save time and costs with our large portfolio of low-power and cost-effective ionization and photoelectric smoke detector ICs and CO detector companion ICs.

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Current Sense Amplifiers

Create robust current monitoring designs that work across a variety of environmental conditions and applications with our flexible, high-precision solutions that feature a zero-drift architecture.

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Power/Current Monitors

Get ahead of the thermal curve using devices that integrate both current and temperature sensors.

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Inductive Position Sensors

Use these sensor interface ICs to accurately measure linear and angular/rotation movement in a variety of automotive, industrial, aerospace and commercial applications.

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Temperature Sensors

Choose from our selection of single- and multi-channel temperature ICs that offer flexible options to meet the specific requirements for monitoring heat in your application.

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Thermocouple Conditioning ICs

Simplify your development process and accelerate time to market with our innovative, integrated plug-and-play solutions to precisely measure a thermocouple’s microvolt-level signal and convert it to degrees Celsius.

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