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Serial EERAM

EERAM combines the reliability of an EEPROM with the performance of an SRAM. It is a nonvolatile SRAM with a shadow EEPROM backup.

I²C™ Serial EERAM Products

What is EERAM?

EERAM is a standalone SRAM memory with shadow EEPROM backup that helps retain the contents of the SRAM memory when system power is lost. The EERAM uses a small external capacitor to provide the energy needed to store the contents of the SRAM on to the EEPROM when system power is lost. Unlike NVSRAM, no external battery is needed. EERAM offers unlimited erase and write cycles to the memory and FRAM-like functionality at a fraction of the price.

Combines Reliability of EEPROM with Performance of SRAM
eeprom and sram diagram
  • 4Kb - 16Kb I2C
  • Nonvolatile (with external capacitor)
  • Unlimited erase/write cycles
  • Instantaneous, random read/write
  • -40°C to +125°C
EERAM is useful in applications needing
serial eeram lock icon
Ultra-Fast Writes, Random Access
infinite serial eeram icon
Unlimited Writes to Memory
fastwrite serial eeram icon
Preserve Data Reliably
through Power Loss



How does EERAM Work?

The internal circuitry of the EERAM constantly monitors system power. Upon power-down or the inadvertent loss of system power below the trip voltage (VTRIP) the contents of the SRAM is securely transferred to the EEPROM array using energy stored in an external capacitor that is connected to the VCAP pin (pin 1). On power-up, the EERAM’s Auto-Store feature enables the contents of the EEPROM to be transferred back to the SRAM array when the system voltage goes back above VTRIP. The EERAM offers unlimited writes to the SRAM array and over 1M erase/write cycles to the EEPROM.

For assistance with selecting the right capacitor for your application, click here

auto store diagram

When VDD falls below VTRIP (Power Off):

  • Contents of SRAM are internally copied onto the EEPROM (Auto Store)
  • Capacitor provides energy to perform this operation
  • Data can also be stored manually via a software command or in hardware by toggling Pin 7 (HS).
  • Auto Store can be disabled 
auto recall diagram

When VDD Goes Back Above VTRIP (Power On):

  • At power-up, contents of EEPROM are automatically copied on the SRAM with internal on-chip circuitry (Auto Recall)
  • Device automatically performs Auto Recall on power-up
  • Recalls can also be initiated in software at any time

The EERAM also allows you to perform a manual store of the SRAM array by either using the Hardware Store (HS) Pin (pin 7) or by using the Software Store command. When a manual store is executed, the contents of the SRAM are instantly copied onto the EEPROM. If you don’t want to use an external capacitor on your board, the manual store functions provide the flexibility to store SRAM array contents to the EEPROM as, and whenever, you choose to do so.

You can also recall the contents of the EEPROM onto the SRAM array at any time using the Software Recall command. The table below summarizes the three store modes (Auto Store, Hardware Store and Software Store) and the two recall modes (Auto Recall and Software Recall). Auto Recall is always performed during power-up regardless of whether an external capacitor is used or not.

Store Function–Contents of SRAM Stored onto EEPROM

Auto StoreHardware StoreSoftware Store
Initiated when Vdd falls below VtripInitiated when HS pin is pulled highInitiated via a software command
Needs capacitorNo capacitor neededNo capacitor needed
Only enabled if array is modifiedEnabled when the array is modifiedEnabled at all times

Recall Function–Contents of EEPROM Written to SRAM

Auto RecallSoftware Recall
Initiated when VDD is restored above VTRIPInitiated via a software command


What Problem does EERAM Solve?
EERAM offers unlimited writes to the SRAM array, allowing you to constantly write to the device. Since power loss events are typically random or unpredictable, EERAM offers applications that need to constantly update data a safe and reliable solution to automatically store data during a power loss event. It provides designers of data logging/black box or monitoring systems with a safe and accurate way to safely, reliably and automatically store the last data bytes prior to the power loss event. The capacitor connected to the VCAP pin provides the necessary energy to safely copy the RAM’s contents to the secure EEPROM backup on power loss. Upon power-up, data is recalled automatically from the EEPROM to the SRAM.


Benefits of EERAM?
  • Reliably preserves data through power loss event
  • Automatically and safely stores data on power loss
  • No battery needed
  • Unlimited endurance:  
    • Write to the memory as often as you choose
    • Useful in data logging/black box applications
  • Instantaneous writes to the array
    • Zero write cycle times and random access writes
    • Useful for applications that need instant data transfer
  • Lowest-cost solution
    • Significantly less expensive than competing FRAM and NVSRAM technologies
  • Low power
    • Lower power consumption than NVSRAM

Benefits of EERAM over NVSRAM:

  1. No battery needed
  2. Lower power consumption
  3. Lower cost

Benefits of EERAM Over FRAM:

  1. Lower cost
  2. Truly unlimited write cycles – FRAM has destructive read and writes


Where is EERAM used?

EERAM in Smart Meters:

Fast data-writing speedProtects against data loss in the event of a power failure
Read/write Cycle EndurancePermits Data Collection at frequent intervals
Back-up via CapacitorEliminates the need for a battery back-up to preserve data


EERAM in Automobiles:

ApplicationWhy EERAM is needed?
AirbagCollect and Store info every second – blackbox
Telematics/NavigationTo store navigation waypoints, bookmarks, user data on power up
EntertainmentDownload Station Information at power up, data changes constantly.
Instrument ClusterTrack elapsed miles
Tire PressureTire Pressure Logs (data logger)
ABS - Stability ControlHolds data from ABS sensors – information such as speed, turn radius and wheel rotation
Power TrainAdaptive systems than manage the power train constantly write data to memory

Development Tools

TitlePart Number Description  
EERAM I²C PICtail KitAC500100 The EERAM I²C PICtail™ Kit demonstrates the features and abilities of the 47C04 and 47L16 I²C EERAM devices. This daughter board provides both PICtail Plus and mikroBUS™ connectors for easy use with the Explorer 8 Development Board, the Explorer 16/32 Development Board, and many other tools. Buy Now