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Our serial EERAM is an innovative and low-cost SRAM product that includes a nonvolatile memory backup for use in automotive systems that need to preserve and quickly restore data after a loss of power. During any power disruption, the active SRAM array content is moved to the device’s nonvolatile bits. When power is restored, the nonvolatile content is automatically copied back to the SRAM array so that operation can continue. EERAM offers unlimited SRAM read and write cycles and more than 1,000,000 backups to the nonvolatile cells. As with all our automotive-grade memory devices, our automotive serial EERAM devices are AEC-Q100 qualified and ISO/TS16949 compliant to meet the rigorous quality, reliability and long product lifecycle requirements of automotive designers.

Key Benefits of Serial EERAM

  • Reliably preserves data through any power loss event
    • Automatically and safely stores data on power loss
    • Restores data automatically to SRAM on each power up
  • Nonvolatile memory backup (no battery needed)
  • Endurance > 1,000,000 backups
  • Data Retention > 100 years
  • Unlimited reads and writes to standard serial SRAM memory
  • Industry-standard I2C bus
  • Low power consumption

How Can You Use EERAM in Your Automotive Application?

Application EERAM Function
Airbag Collects and stores information every second for event data recorder (black box)
Telematics/Navigation Stores user data like navigation waypoints, bookmarks and more for use right at ignition on
Entertainment Captures and holds changing station information so it is available at ignition on
Instrument Cluster Tracks elapsed miles
Tire Pressure Tire pressure logs (data logger)
ABS/Stability Control Holds data such as speed, turn radius and wheel rotation gathered from ABS sensors
Powertrain Writes data to memory in adaptive system that constantly manages the power

Development Board

EERAM I²C PICtail™ Kit

Part Number: AC500100
The EERAM I²C PICtail Kit demonstrates the features and abilities of the 47C04 and 47L16 I²C EERAM devices. This daughter board provides both PICtail Plus and mikroBUS™ connectors for easy use with the Explorer 8 Development Board, the Explorer 16/32 Development Board and many other tools.


Title Download
AN2047 - Recommended Usage of Microchip I2C EERAM Devices Download
AN2257 - Choosing the Right EERAM VCAP Capacitor Download
Title Download
I2C EERAM PICtail Daughter Board with mikroBus Connector Info Sheet Download
Title Download
Sample Code for EERAM PICtail Kit Download