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Low Power MCU and MPU Family Overview

As more wearables, wireless sensor networks, and other Internet of Things (IoT) enabled smart devices are getting powered from battery, minimizing power consumption is essential. To enable applications demanding low power, Microchip offers a portfolio of 8-bit eXtreme Low Power (XLP) PIC® and picoPower AVR® microcontrollers,16-bit XLP PIC24 microcontrollers, 32-bit XLP PIC32 and picoPower SAM Microcontrollers and 32-bit low power SAM microprocessors.


Microchip’s low power technology enables MCU sleep currents down to 9 nA and run currents down to 25 μA/MHz

Industry leading integrated analog, USB, LCD, and embedded security sensing peripherals with very low operating power

Consistent low-power features, peripherals and tools for ease of migration

8-bit Low Power MCUs
  • 8-bit PIC and AVR MCUs – industry’s lowest power microcontrollers
  • eXtreme Low Power (XLP) and picoPower technologies
  • Sleep currents as low as 9nA with power efficient wake-up sources and Run currents down to 30 μA / MHz
  • Integration of Core Independent Peripherals (CIPs) enables application functions while minimizing CPU overhead, system latency and power consumption
  • Low power features include Peripheral Module Disable, Idle Mode and Doze Mode
  • Widest operating range: 1.6V to 5.5V
16-bit Low Power PIC® MCU
  • Large portfolio of 16-bit MCUs with flash ranging from 4 KB to 1 MB and pin count of 8 to 121 pins
  • Sleep currents as low as 30nA with flexible wake-up sources and Run currents down to 150 μA / MHz, enabling power efficient applications
  • Flexible, integrated Core Independent Peripherals (CIPs) such as Crypto Engine, Configurable Logic Cells (CLC), RTCC, PWMs and Peripheral Trigger Generator (PTG) designed to take the load off the CPU and reduce the overall energy requirement
  • More space and BOM cost savings with our small-footprint packaging options
32-bit Low Power MCUs
  • Ultra-low picoPower SAM 32-bit ARM®-based and PIC32 eXtreme Low Power (XLP) MCU portfolio extends battery life.
  • Combines ultra-low power with Flash and SRAM that are large enough to run both the application and wireless stacks.
  • Chip-level tamper resistance and ARM® TrustZone® to protect low power applications from security vulnerabilities
  • Integrate peripherals and design techniques used to minimize power consumption in real world battery-powered applications.
  • Under 25 μA/MHz active and 100 nA sleep current, 1.2 μS Wakeup time.
  • Highest certified ULPMark score for any ARM® Cortex®-M23 or ARM® Cortex®- M0+ class device, ULPMark Score of 405 on SAM L10
  • Innovative SleepWalking peripherals and Event System
32-bit Low Power MPUs
  • The SAMA5D2 series delivers the lowest power consumption of any MPU in its class and the SAMA5D3 series is ideal for battery-operated applications.
  • Typical sleep current is 250 μA in retention mode with an ultra-fast 15 μs wake-up in ULP1 mode. Typical run current is 233 μA/MHz.
  • Unique SleepWalking feature enables peripherals to asynchronously wake-up from sleep in ULP1 mode, for example by activity on a communication line.
  • Back-Up Mode with battery supply pin maintains the RTC and preserves a 5 KB SRAM data and 256-bit register file. Typical back-up current is 4.5 μA. Optional DDR Self-Refresh Mode maintains external SDRAM contents (40 μA).