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Clock Generation

Microchip’s family of clock generators offers high configurability and ease of use so you can quickly solve timing challenges. Using our Clockworks® Configurator Tool, you can quickly create solutions accessing our broad product portfolio of multiple output, highly flexible, Quartz and MEMS single-chip clock generators for either low-power or low-jitter applications.

Featured Product: Industry’s Smallest Multi-Output MEMS Clock Generators

The DSC612/613 family of MEMS Clock Generators provide a true single-chip, multi-output solution for microcontroller-based systems. This flexible solution covers a wide frequency range without requiring an external crystal which saves power while reducing board space by up to 80 percent.

Low-Jitter Clocks

  • 0.12 ps RMS phase jitter
  • 2 - 12 diff./LVCMOS outputs
  • Output: 0.75 - 850 MHz
  • Integrated resonator option
  • ClockWorks Configurable

Low-Power Clocks

  • Up to 8 outputs
  • 0.2mA to 4.5mA (3-PLL)
  • Small form-factor
  • ClockWorks Configurable

Clock Conditioning

  • Spread spectrum clock gen
  • Cleans deterministic jitter
  • Cleans phase jitter
  • ClockWorks Configurable

Clock Synthesizers

  • Correct freq. with FEC
  • Fractional synthesizers
  • Exceeds ITU jitter spec.
  • Output: up to 2 GHz


  • High pullability (±200 ppm)
  • Low phase jitter
  • Freq: 750 kHz to 800 MHz
  • Low freq. crystal input


  • Industry standard 555 timer
  • Power supply: 2.7–18V
  • Current: 1 µA; PWD: 200 µA
  • Timing: µsec to hours

Additional Clock and Timing Technologies Acquired from Microsemi

With the acquisition of Microsemi, we now have a more comprehensive portfolio of timing technologies, services and solutions, enabling you to build more reliable networks and systems supporting today’s precise timing standards. The technologies we’ve acquired include synchronization systems and services, clock management, precision crystal and SAW oscillators, embedded atomic clocks, GPS disciplined oscillators and network synchronization ICs.

Please email us at tcg_help@microchip.com for more information.